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Snapshot Tool


Snapshot Tool 

This topic will focus on the use of the Snapshot Tool, which can be used to save a flight without computation. 

We estimate that this will take 1 minute to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

Snapshot Tool 

You can compute a plan from the Plan screen or Route screen when you are ready to view your flight package. If you are not ready to compute but want to save your work, you can utilize the Snapshot tool, which allows you to leave a plan and return without losing your work. Let's look at the process.

Computing from Route Screen 

Typically, once you have selected the route for your plan and do not need to revisit the Plan screen, you can select Apply & Compute to generate a flight plan.


Selecting Apply will bring you back to the Plan screen so you can adjust fuel, payload, etc and will not generate a flight plan.


Let's now explore how to come back to your work later if you want to delay computation.

Interaction 1 Click the Snapshot button.

In this example, we will show you how to utilize the Snapshot feature, so you don't lose your work before computing the flight release.

 This feature is helpful if you are in the middle of planning a flight and you need to leave it before you are done computing.  Before you leave the Plan screen, be sure to select "Snapshot" at the bottom.  

Interaction 1 Click the List menu item.

After we select Snapshot, we can go to the List screen to view a different flight. 

Interaction 1 Click the YPPH list item.

Selecting any other flight will refresh the Map and Info screen on the right side to reflect the new flight selected. 

Interaction 1 Click the VOTV list item.

Now, we can return to the original flight plan we were working on. 

Interaction 1 Click the Plan menu item.

Interaction 1 Click the Snapshot folder image.

Once you return to your flight, you see that none of the information you populated is still in the Plan screen. 

 In order to retrieve the information, select the open folder next to Screenshot. 

All of the information you originally populated will reappear. If you want to get the latest weather and NOTAM information, you can select the green arrows next to the Clear button on the bottom to refresh the flight. 


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