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Monitoring Group Alerts

Group alerts are directly related to a group or a set of groups. An example of an event that would trigger a group alert would be a variation in temperature for a specific station monitored by one or more groups. Another example would be notifying members of a group that certain flights have been moved into that group’s scope.

Show All Alerts View

In this view, the Alerts page results list displays all alerts sorted by date and time in descending order. The state of the My Alerts checkbox determines whether the results list will include alerts for groups the user is not a member of.

The example below shows the first item is a group alert for a particular station and the second is another group alert regarding flight assignment activity. The remaining items represent station alerts.

Group Alert Item

The header section of a group alert displays its title, a group icon, and the date and time for the alert.

Expanding a group alert will display its full message as well as a list of the affected groups (sorted by group name). As with flight alerts, group alerts need to be acknowledged for each individual group. To do so, users can either click the Mark As Read button for each of the relevant groups or the Mark All As Read button, which will acknowledge the alert for all of the affected groups.

Associating Groups and Stations

FOMS Menu 468 (Group Alert Monitor Program) allows users to associate stations to be monitored by a particular group. Refer to that topic for more information.

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