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Maintenance Screen

The Maintenance screen provides you access to the:

  • NFP Database tab - WebFOMs

  • FOMS Maintenance tab

  • Permit List tab

  • Permit - Country Warnings tab

  • Missing Permit tab

  • Flight Package Layout tab

  • Automation Details tab

The Maintenance screen will always open in a new browser window, with the FOMS Maintenance tab displayed. Only one instance of the Maintenance screen can be opened at a time, although multiple instances of the FOMS Maintenance tab can be opened simultaneously.

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By clicking on [close] at the top of the FOMS window, you can end your current FOMS session.

Refer to the Flight Operations Management System.

Note: Portions of the Maintenance utility are part of the Anyterm package and are Copyright © 2005-2009 Phil Endecott. These portions are licensed under the GNU General Public License.

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