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FOMS Menu 170 - Page 6

ALC: This field represents the carrier’s three-letter airline code. Generally only one airline code is maintained on each system, however there is support for multiple airline codes should the user have the requirement to manage more than one airline code. 

Comparison Burns 

  • Lvl: Default comparison burn flight level. 

  • ETOW: Comparison burn ETOW offset (+/-). 

  • Profile: Comparison burn cruise profile. 

Flight Package Section



Send to crew

Default option for sending flight packages. Options are (F)light Deck, (P)IC, (C)aptains, (A)ll crew, (N)one. 

Note: This requires email addresses to be set up in FOMS 160/Flight Operations Personnel. 

WxChart Buffer FL

Used to add charts from a range of available FLs to the Flight Package. 

Example: A value of 50 with a cruise level of FL390 automatically adds charts FL340,FL390 and FL420. 

WxChart Specific FL

Used to add a specific chart. 

Example: A value of 100 will automatically add a chart for FL100. 

WxChart Buffer Time

This buffer allows you to decrease or extend the time range when auto-selecting weather charts to add to the flight package. 

  • A positive number adds more charts

  • A negative number adds less charts.

Example: If the flight time was from 0900 to 1300, a buffer would extend the time range to 0600 to 1600. 

Send Selected Compute

Default to send selected compute instead of most recent. 

Options are (yes), (no), or Blank

  • Blank means No. 

Sign on Release

Sign flight papers on package send instead of on compute. 

Options are (yes), (no), or Blank

  • Blank means No. 

Combine Strut/Add Hold

Combine structural hold and additional hold values in the Flight Plan. 

Route Analysis Section



Route Anal Types

Select the published route types to include in route analysis. Options include: (C)DR, (I)FPS, (P)ref, Play(B)ook, or (-) None. 

Max IFPS Rtes

Define the maximum number of IFPS routes to be displayed as part of the route analysis. Default value is 1. The range available is 1-9. 

Check 8.33 IFPS

Check aircraft for 8.33kHz equipment in IFPS airspace. Options are (yes), (no), E (error), or Blank. Blank is NO.   

Recalc if Winds Change

Recalculate route analysis of computed flights when winds change. Options are (yes), (no), or Blank. Blank is NO. 

Restricted Regions Section




Define whether the system should try to avoid Published Restricted Areas.

Options are:

  • (Y)es, 

  • (N)o,

  • (W)arn,

  • (E)rror when failed. 


Enter a buffer in minutes for the time validity of Restricted Areas. 

Notam Activated

Define the NOTAM-activated areas which should be considered restricted. 

Options are:

  • (A)lert, 

  • (C)aution, 

  • (D)anger, 

  • (M)ilitary, 

  • (P)rohibited, 

  • (R)estricted, 

  • (T)raining, 

  • (W)arning,

  • (U)nknown. 

Fixed Area (AIP)

Define the fixed (AIP) areas which should be considered restricted. 

Options are:

  • (A)lert, 

  • (C)aution, 

  • (D)anger, 

  • (M)ilitary, 

  • (P)rohibited, 

  • (R)estricted, 

  • (T)raining, 

  • (W)arning,

  • (U)nknown. 

Avoid UDAs

Should the system try to avoid all User-Defined Areas? 

Options are Y (yes) or N (no). 

  • If set to Y, the system will try to avoid all user-defined areas, no matter the type. 

  • If set to N, the system behaviour will depend on the below setting. 

Should the system try to avoid User-Defined Areas? 

Options are (N)o, (W)arn, or (E)rror when failed. The system will only try to avoid areas which were defined as restricted in the Fixed Area (AIP) setting. 

Seasons Section



Winter Start/End

Enter dates for the start and end of the winter season. Format is MMDD.

Notam Section



Filter Notam below FL

Hide all NOTAMs below the entered flight level. 

Filter Notam above FL

Hide all NOTAMs above the entered flight level. 

NOTAM Tunneling Section




V is vertical tolerance in FL / H is the horizontal tolerance in NM / R is the radius around the airport in NM.





Auto Raim Check

If (Y) is selected, it automatically performs a RAIM check upon Compute.

Check Diversion Apt

If (Y) is selected, it includes diversion stations in the Terminal RAIM prediction.

Auto ADSB Check

If (Y) is selected, it automatically performs an ADSB check upon Compute.

12555 Exemption

Select (Y) if your airline has the 12555 Exemption for ADSB.


Interval Minutes for enroute and terminal RAIM prediction


  • Offset Minutes for enroute RAIM prediction 

  • Offset count for enroute RAIM prediction 

  • Offset Minutes for Terminal RAIM prediction (default is 30)

Mask Angle

Minimum angle to filter out any low angle satellites (default 5).

Main Only

If (Y) is selected, ADSB Validation is only done on the main computed route.

Reports Section 



Exp CoNtm

Enter an alias for the system to send a hard copy report of NOTAMs that are within the notification window defined in FOMS 466/Company NOTAMs.

Route Gen Section



IFPS Auto Assist

Automatically enable route builder setting for IFPS Auto Assist. Options are (Y)es and (N)o. 

  • If set to Yes, the system attempts to validate the generated route with IFPS during route generation. 

  • If the route fails IFPS validation and IFPS offers routing assistance, NFP returns the suggested route.

Flight Plan Format Section



Default Fmt Num

Default flight plan format number. Refer to the formats available in your system to set a default; these numbers vary from customer to customer.

Show All Rte Wpt

Print ALL waypoints (Y) on the flight plan or Compulsory Only (N).

Compulsory Wpts

  • STARS: (Y) if you would like to show compulsory STAR waypoints only on the flight plan

  • SIDS: (Y) if you would like to show compulsory SID waypoints only on the flight plan

Show All App Wpt

Allow approach waypoints to:

  • Show on the flight plan as STAY Wpts (Y)

  • Never show on the flight plan (N)

Unavail FL in Sum

Set to Y(es) to display unavailable flight levels in format Wind Summary on the flight plan

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