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Editing a Route

Refer to the Editing and Saving Route Templates for further details on route templates.

Partial route expansion will allow the user to select one or more route legs and replace them with a new partial route generated in the route builder.

Edit Mode (Route Builder Group)

The route is edited using the Route Builder group.

Note the following behaviors:

  • The route string text box defaults to being empty in edit mode instead of the MTTA default value.

  • The Options group on the right side of the screen applies to the entire route and not just the portion that you are editing. The message Note: Option apply to entire route will be displayed at the top of the Options group.

  • If the selected route legs do not include the flight’s origin, the Use SID and Use Preferred Departure options will not be visible.

  • If the selected route legs do not include the flight’s destination, the Use STAR and Use Preferred Arrival options will not be visible.

  • The route legs grid will be shown in the Information panel so you can see what you are editing. This is a read-only version of the route legs grid. You will be unable to edit Flight Levels, Orbit Times, or change the route legs selected for editing in this view. If there are many route legs, there will be a scroll bar in order to see them all. Optionally, you can expand the info panel to cover the map.

  • The ORIG and DEST labels by the route string window change, if required, to START WPT and END WPT. This signifies that they are the start and end waypoints of the partial route selected for editing.

  • You set the flight level for multiple segments in the route by highlighting the desired segments, then entering a flight level in the flight level field of any of the segments. The flight level for all highlighted segments will be set to the value entered.

Some important details to keep in mind while editing routes are:

  • Flight levels and orbit times specified on the portion of the route that is being edited will not be preserved. Values specified on parts of the route that are not being replaced will be preserved where possible.

  • When loading routes into the route builder for editing, fixed route elements (e.g., tracks) will not be pre-populated, even if the selected route legs contain the entire element.

In order to edit a route:

  1. Select the route that you want to edit.

  2. Select the first leg in the part of the route that you want to edit. It will turn yellow.

  3. Hold down the <Shift> key and select the last leg in the part of the route that you want to edit. The entire segment of the route that you want to edit will turn yellow.

  4. Click the Edit button. The route Builder group opens with the route string window blank and the start and end waypoint displayed. The Information panel changes to display the portion of the route to edit.

  5. Enter the route string in the window that will replace the portion of the route that you want to edit.

  6. Click the Generate button. The Map will update to show the edited route in red.

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