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Pop-Up Alert Notification

To ensure that you are notified of new alerts in a timely fashion, a pop-up displays at the first opportunity that alerts are generated, regardless of which NFP screen you are working on. The pop-up appears in the bottom right of the screen as shown below.

The pop-up only shows alerts that are either public or intended for a group that you are a member of. It displays a maximum of two alerts sorted by date-time in descending order. If more alerts exist, a "...more messages" hyperlink in the bottom right corner and states how many additional alerts exist.

To close the pop-up, click anywhere within its boundaries. If left alone, the pop-up will automatically close after 15 seconds. If no alerts have been read when the pop-up closes, those alerts will not be included the next time the pop-up is displayed.

Alert Hyperlink

Clicking the alert’s title hyperlink will open the Alerts screen arranged by alert. The matching alert entry will be expanded and all other entries collapsed.

Message Preview

A portion of the actual alert message is displayed. Messages longer than a predetermined size are shortened and suffixed with an ellipsis.

More Messages Hyperlink

Clicking this hyperlink opens the Alerts page arranged by alert. The corresponding alerts are expanded and all other entries collapsed.

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