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Creating a Flight Plan

To begin, log in to your Flight Plan account through your web-browser. You will be required to enter your user name and password.

Once your credentials have been verified, Flight Plan will appear in your browser. By default, Flight Plan opens to the List screen.

Note: If invalid data is entered in any field, that field and the context message panel will turn pink and a message will be displayed in the context message panel.

To create a flight plan:

  1. Click on the Add button on the List screen.
  2. Complete the mandatory fields in the Add Flight dialog. These fields are:
  • ALC
  • Flight
  • Origin
  • STD
  • Dest
  • Aircraft
  1. Complete any other applicable fields.
  1. Select any desired groups to assign the flight to, if any.
  2. Click on the Add Flight button.
  3. Click on the Refresh button on the List screen. The flight will appear in the flight list, provided that the filtering criteria are met.
  4. Click on the flight in the list so it turns green, then click on the Expand button.
  5. Click on the Route drop-down list to see if there are any pre-existing routes for the city pair entered. If a route already exists and you want to use it, skip to Step 11. If no route exists, or you want to create a route that is not listed, click on Route in the navigation bar and continue to Step 9.
  6. Click on Route on the navigation bar to go to the Route screen. The following message is displayed: No routes currently exist. Click on the New button to build a route.
  7. Build the route as outlined in Building a Route.
  8. Select the desired route.
  9. Enter any desired maximum flight level, orbit time and performance profile for each leg in the corresponding windows to the right of the leg.
  10. Click on the Apply button. The map will update and the route will be displayed in red. If there is more than one route in the list, you can click on a different route and it the map will update, showing the second route in blue along with the applied route in red for comparison. The route that was applied remains displayed in red until you click the Apply button with a different route selected.
    Note: If the reclear flight fails to compute for any reason, a message and corresponding icon will appear in the message panel describing the reason for the failure. If this occurs, correct the invalid or missing information and re-compute the reclear flight.
  11. Once the route that you want has been applied, click on the Compute button. The sys­tem will compute the route and Computing Flight Plan... is displayed in the context message panel. It may take some time for the route to compute, depending on your internet connection and/or network speed.
  12. Once the route has been completed, the system creates a flight plan and takes you to the Reports screen where the flight plan is now displayed. NOTE: The flight plan is also displayed in the Information panel for any particular flight. This option can be configured from the Settings menu.
  13. You can build a flight package to view or send; refer to Building a Flight Package for more information. Select the flight package contents to include, then click on the Preview Flight Package button. To view the entire package, use the scroll bar at the far right of the screen and the  page controls above the Display group. To view the package as a PDF, select PDF above the Display group.
  14. Send the flight package as outlined in Sending a Flight Package.
    Note: The flight brief has the ability to highlight keywords for the flight plan, weather, and NOTAM output with bold, italicized and colored text. Contact support for more information.

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