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Plan Screen Buttons

There are five buttons that are displayed on the Plan screen. These buttons are colored when they are enabled and gray when disabled.

 Clear Button 

Clicking the Clear button allows you to clear the contents of the Plan screen, except for ALC and Day fields.

 Snapshot Button 

The Snapshot button is a dual-function button that allows you to save and recall a snapshot of the data currently entered in the Flight Planning window. The Snapshot button captures screen data as it is when the left side of the button is selected. To retrieve the snapshot data, you must enter the flight number, origin, and STD that you were in when you created the snapshot. Clicking the right side of the button then populates the remainder of the fields with the data that was entered when you created the snapshot.

 Template Button 

The Template button allows you to select a template to automatically load compute inputs into the flight information fields. Selecting the Template button produces the Templates dialog that contains the list of templates that have been entered in the Input Defaults Config menu as Selectable Template. Refer to the Input Defaults Config article for further information on entering templates.

 Compute Button 

Once the relevant data has been entered in the Flight Info tab, clicking the Compute button starts computation of a flight plan. Once the flight plan has been generated, the system will automatically take you to the Reports screen, where the flight plan is displayed.

If multiple users compute the same flight, you may see the Revision Conflict message.


This occurs if the system detects that a flight is stale during a compute. Select the Force Compute to continue or cancel to stop the compute.

 Revisions Button 

Clicking the Revisions button on the Plan screen brings up the Revisions dialog to view and load existing revisions for a loaded flight plan. This button is only enabled when a flight plan is loaded. The current loaded revision is displayed in the Flight Key on the Plan screen.

 Runway Analysis Button 

Only users with Runway Analysis (RWA) User role will have access to the Runway Analysis dialog. AeroData is integrated with NFP to provide performance calculations. Clicking the RWA button on the Plan Screen shows the Runway Analysis Dialog if you have a valid route.

Note: AeroData Runway Analysis is not configured for all customers. Contact the Support team for further information.

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