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Add Weather

Use this screen to add proprietary METARs and TAFs to your weather package. Some configuration may be required to highlight the vendor on the weather output. You must have Admin or Manager access to view this tab. Note: Vendor field is not mandatory.

  1. Click the ALC dropdown button. You must enter an ALC in order to submit an ad hoc weather report. 
  2. Click the CZO list item.
  3. Click the Vendor input field. Note: Vendor field is not mandatory
  4. Enter a vendor name or code to show up in the flight brief. In this example, we will use WSI. Enter WSI into the Vendor field.
  5. Click the Type dropdown button. 
  6. Click the METAR list item. Indicate what type of weather report you are entering into the text field. 
  7. Click the Weather Text input field. 
  8. Click the Submit button. Once our METAR is pasted in we can click submit. 

Load Unpublished METARS and TAFS for Single Customer  

The weather report now appears in both the Info screen and in the weather brief of the flight package.

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