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FOMS Menu 463 (High Level Winds Program)

This program will allow you to see the forecast wind, temperature, turbulence, and icing values stored in the system for any location, for each forecast time period, and each millibar level. Location may be specified as an airport, a waypoint, or as Lat/Long coordinates.

Note: Turbulence, Icing, and Thunderstorm values are only available for the EFH/ERP weather source.

The only modes available are:

  • Video

  • Quit

Video Mode




Enter the airport identifier (ICAO or IATA), waypoint ID, or latitude/longitude coordinates for the point at which you want to view the wind data. Note: The usual convention that Southern latitudes and East longitudes are negative must be observed.


The source field can be searched by inputting a “?” and then scrolling by using the up and down arrows. The available sources range from Historical wind sources where you specify the month/time range (Jan-Dec, Summer/Winter, Annual, QU1-QU4) or from the live data suppliers (NWS, UKM, EFH, ERP).


These two fields can be left blank and it will return the current data (for the live data sources) or you can specify the Date as DDMMYY and time as HHMM Zulu. Note: The entered dates must fall within the time period of the live data on file. If you enter a historical data source then the Date/Time field will be skipped.


If you enter a historical data source, the Years field becomes active and mandatory. You can use the ‘?’ character to scroll, or enter the 03, 05, 10, 20, 30 year options.


The valid field will automatically default when a record is loaded, and will display the validity time of the Wind Prog or range of the Historical Wind file. The left half of the screen will contain the first validity period and the right half of the screen will contain the next validity period (if applicable). 


Millibar Levels


Wind Direction


Wind Velocity




Turbulence (EDR)


Icing (Light Aircraft)


Icing (Medium Aircraft)


Icing (Heavy Aircraft)


Wind Deviation (Historical data only)


Temperature Deviation (Historical data only)

Tropopause LVL

Tropopause Flight Level

Thunderstorm VV/TOPS

Thunderstorm Vertical Velocity/Top of Thunderstorm FL

Quit Mode

Entering <Q> from the Command Line will return the Next PROGRAM-NUMBER prompt, so that you have the option of going directly to your next program if you know the menu number, or of returning to the previous menu if you simply press <Enter>.

Note: The following descriptions represent the typical access and privileges afforded to users designated as Dispatch Managers/Supervisors. Users with dispatcher privileges will have limited access to a subset of the screens presented.

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