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List Screen Buttons and Fields


List Screen Buttons and Fields 

This topic provides an overview of the List screen and the buttons and fields on it. 

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Detailed Explanation

List Screen 

The List screen provides you with a complete list of flights in the system, and allows you to arrange your workflow by adding, expanding, filtering, searching, deleting and quickly opening flights from the list. By clicking on the corresponding column header, you can sort flights by STD, Flight, Origin, Dest, ETD, ETA, Aircraft and ATC ALC. Clicking on the same column header multiple times toggles between ascending and descending order. A black triangle to the right of the header title shows the direction that the list has been sorted in.

The flight list contains a scrollable list of flights in the system that meet the filtering criteria. By default, these are all flights in the system from six hours before the current time to 12 hours from the current. The flight list also allows flights to be assigned to groups. Users can then filter the flight list based on these flight groups. Users can also be assigned to groups to determine which flight groups they are interesting in viewing.

A green-highlighted flight in the flight list indicates that the highlighted flight is currently selected and has been loaded to the Plan screen.

A yellow-highlighted flight in the flight list indicates that the highlighted flight matches the search criteria.

Test flights are marked by a Test Flight icon to the left of the Flight column.The read-only fields displayed in the flight list are described in the table below.

The Pending Input icon is displayed when changes are made to a computed flight on the plan screen. The icon is only displayed on a computed flight if a message is received from an integrated system. 

Refresh Button

Clicking the Refresh button will cause a fresh flight list to be downloaded from the server matching current filter parameters (refer to Search/Filter Group for more information). If a flight was visibly selected prior to the refresh, it will continue to be so afterwards unless it no longer appears in the flight list due to the applied filter settings. If the any of the Search fields were set prior to the refresh (refer to Search/Filter Group), the flight list will have the search parameters reapplied after the refresh. Refreshing the flight list will also update the flight loaded in the Plan screen.


Clicking the Multi-Leg button allows the user to group flights together. An example of a two leg flight is when leg 1 arrives at CYMX and leg 2 departs from CYMX. If the destination of the first leg is the origin of the second leg, then the weather and NOTAM does not need to be included twice for that station. Multi-Leg reporting is a single report for multiple flight legs.

Print Button

Clicking the Print button will print off multiple flight briefs at the same time instead of doing each individually from the reports page.

Expand Button

Clicking the Expand button will cause all flight that have the checkbox selected to be expanded. If more than one flight is expanded, a dialog appears to show progress of the expansion. To collapse a flight, click on  for that flight.

Expanded Flight in the Flight List

Collapsed Flight in the Flight List

Assign Button

Clicking the Assignment button will open the Flight Assignment pop-up window. The Flight Assignment pop-up-window lets users manage flight assignments. For more information on flight assignment, refer to Assigning Flights to Groups.

Auto Button

The Auto button opens the Flight Automation dialog and allows you to change the automation state of the selected flights.

Add Button

The Add button allows you to add a flight into the system without leaving the List screen.

Adding a Flight

To add a flight to the system:

1.     Click on the Add button on the List screen.

2.     Complete the mandatory fields in the Add Flight dialog. These fields are:

●       ALC

●       Flight

●       Origin

●       STD

●       Dest

●       Aircraft

3.     Complete any other applicable fields.

4.     Select any desired groups to assign the flight to, if any.

5.     Click on the Add button.

6.     Click on the Refresh button on the List screen. The flight will appear in the flight list, provided that the filtering criteria are met.

7.     You can now expand the flight in the list and/or open the flight in the Plan screen and complete any additional fields.

Delete Button

The Delete button allows you to delete a flight from the flight list.

Deleting a Flight

To delete a flight from the system:

1.     Select the checkbox for the flight that you wish to delete. Multiple flights can be selected.

2.     Click the Delete button. The Confirm Delete pop-up appears and lists the selected flight.

3.     Click Delete Flight to delete the flight or Cancel to close the Confirm Delete pop-up without deleting the flight.

    Deleting a flight deletes the flight from the system, not only the flight list. 


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