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FOMS Menu 466 (Company NOTAMs Program)

The modes available are:

  • Add

  • Edit

  • Delete

  • Video

  • Screen

  • Hardcopy

  • Quit

  • Rename - WebFOMS only

  • Copy

Add Mode




Release/Waypoint/Airway/Geographic Area

ADMIN, aircraft type (e.g., B737), FIN number (e.g., 301) or airport identifier (e.g., KIND) or FIR (flight information region), ROUTE, Waypoint or Airway to specify the type of NOTAM you want to add.

NOTAM TYPE - Screen Mode

Only types loaded into your database are available from this drop-down menu. 

Example: If you do not have FIR types in your database, it will not be available in the list of options.


Enter the origin ICAO code. 

Note: This field is only accessible for route NOTAMs.


Enter the destination ICAO code. 

Note: This field is only accessible for route NOTAMs.


Enter the route number.

Note: This field is only accessible for route NOTAMs.


Enter the WHO airline code.


Enter the ATC airline code.

NOTAM Number

Enter the NOTAM Identification number. 

Note: If a NOTAM with the entered number is already on file, it will be displayed, otherwise, the cursor will move to the next field.

Geo Area

Select the Geographic Area.

Note: This field is only available if Notam Type is Geographic Area. The list items are populated from items created using the FIR Configuration WebFOMS screen.

Secondary Filters

Secondary filters cannot be the same type as the Notam Type.



Filter Type / Second Filter EQUIP/FIN/APT

Type the aircraft type (e.g., B737), FIN number (e.g., 301) or airport ICAO Identifier to specify the desired secondary filter.


Enter the aircraft series or use <?> to search. Note: This field is only accessible for FIN NOTAMs when using the secondary filter.


Enter <Y> or <N>. 

Operational NOTAMs will be included in Flight Papers, whereas non-operational ones will not. This permits you to turn individual company NOTAMs on or off at will.

Airport Usage

Enter the airport usage: <O> for origin, <D> for destination, <B>, <A> for alternate, or <E> for emergency. 

Note: This field is only accessible for airport NOTAMs when using the secondary filter.

Flt Num

Enter a flight number.


ICAO origin station is a mandatory secondary filter, only available with Route type


ICAO destination station is a mandatory secondary filter, only available with Route type  

Route Num

Route number is an optional secondary filter, only available with Route type.

Valid From/To

Enter the valid time limits for the NOTAM. 

Options are WIE or UFN.

  • <WIE> may be entered to specify With Immediate Effect.

  • <UFN> may be entered for Until Further Notice.

Message Text

You may now enter the text of the NOTAM. The program functions like a limited word processor. 

  • You may move the cursor with the arrow keys to make corrections. 

  • Pressing <backspace> will delete the character highlighted by the cursor

  • Typing characters in the middle of a line will insert the new text, shifting the balance of the line to the right. 

  • The one limitation is that there is no word-wrap at the end of the line.

Note: If you have a long NOTAM that takes more than one page, you may use the <Ctrl>-B and <Ctrl>-F control functions to move from one page to the next. The appropriate page will, of course, be displayed if you use the up and down arrows at the top or bottom of the page, but the <Ctrl>-B or <Ctrl>-F are much faster if you want to review several pages.


Select where to display  this NOTAM in the webFOMS screen:

  • FP Remark - display the NOTAM message in the flight plan remark.

  • FP Release - display the NOTAM message in the flight plan release.

  • PKG Notam - display the NOTAM message in the package NOTAM section.

  • ATC Remark - display the NOTAM message in the ATC Item18 RMK - the ability to add messages to the ATC Item18 RMK field is now available.

  • Info View - display the NOTAM message in the Info/View Panel of the interface.

Note: In the FOMS 466 Menu the options for Display are (F)P-remark, FP -(R)elease, (P)ackage, (A)tc-Remark and (I)nfoView.


Enter your initials to indicate the source of this NOTAM.


Set a desk/group assignment as the matching criterion. This allows the distribution of desk/group specific information, such as a dispatcher’s phone number.

Valid Days

Specify which days of the week and times per day that the Company NOTAM is valid. 

Example: a NOTAM could be valid for three months, but only be effective from 2000-2200Z on Thursdays and Sundays.


The Date/Time will be filled and recorded automatically when you respond positively to the confirmation prompt once your NOTAM has been completed.

  • Expired NOTAMs Only? 

    • Options Y for Yes, N or blank for No.

    • Dictates if only NOTAMs past a given expiry date are considered in the data, with the following parameters. 

    • Selecting Y in this field necessitates the inclusion of an Expiration Date (see below).

  • Between and Days Old

    • X and Y represent a day range for the NOTAMs. 

    • Leave blank for no range.

  • Expiration Date

    • The date past which the NOTAMs are considered expired, in DDMMYY format. 

Edit Mode

To Edit a NOTAM, enter the Type, ID, and Number. If you are not completely certain of the serial number, you can use the Video mode to review what is on file.

The Edit mode functions are exactly the same as those that are available in the Add mode described above. Whenever you make a change to a NOTAM, the Date/Time stamp is automatically updated to the current system time.

Delete Mode

Enter the NOTAM type, (A for Admin, or a specific aircraft type) and the NOTAM Number. The NOTAM will be displayed with a Really DELETE? prompt. Entering <Y> will eliminate the NOTAM from the system.

Video Mode

Enter the Type and Number of the NOTAM you want to view.

If the NOTAM consists of more than one screen page, you may use the <Ctrl>-F and <Ctrl>-B functions to move from one page to the next.

Pressing <Enter> will return you to a blank screen so that you can look for another NOTAM. Entering <Q> will exit you from the Video mode to the command line.

Screen Mode

Calling up the Screen mode will bring up the report range selection screen. Enter the type of NOTAM you want to report: <A> for Admin, a specific aircraft type, or <ALL>, then enter the range of records you want to see.

Finally, enter the range of days that you want to report. Your report will contain only those NOTAMs which were created within the range of days you specify. Note: This function was primarily provided as a way to be able to screen out all out-dated NOTAMs.

Hardcopy Mode

This mode functions like the Screen mode, except that the report is directed to the system printer.

Quit Mode

To exit this program, enter <Q> from the command line. You will be asked to enter the menu number of the next program. If you are not sure, pressing <Enter> will return you to the last used menu screen.


Note: The following descriptions represent the typical access and privileges afforded to users designated as Dispatch Managers/Supervisors. Users with dispatcher privileges will have limited access to a subset of the screens presented.

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