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Master Station Addresses Fields

The record fields (shown below) are used to add station addressesIf records match, the addresses are automatically loaded into the corresponding Recipients fields on the send dialogs available from the Reports screen. If multiple records exist, the more specific match is used.

Record Type



Config Type

Options are Station, Fir and Integration. Based on your choice, different fields become mandatory.


Only required if Config Type is Station, enter or search for the ICAO identifier.


Only required if Config Type is Fir, enter or search for the FIR region.

Integration Name 

Only required if Config Type is Integration, enter integration name from drop-down list, .

The following fields are optional and are only available based on other options chosen:




Enter the ALC airline code.


Enter the ATC airline code.


Options vary based on Config Type

  • Fir options: O-origin, D-destination or E-enroute. 

  • Station options: O-origin, D-destination or A-alternate. 

  • Not available if Config Type is Integration.


Enter equipment type.

Date Range

Enter date range, Month/Day.

Time Range

Enter time range, hour/minute.

Payload Type

Options are Cargo or Passenger.


Enter the series designation of the aircraft.

Engine Type

Enter engine type for the aircraft.

Valid Days

1-Sun, 2-Mon, 3-Tues, 4-Wednesday, 5-Thursday, 6-Friday, 7-Saturday. The record will be considered a match if the ETD is on one of the selected days. A comma(,) is not required between multiple entries.

Flight Number

Enter a flight number.

Customer Id

Enter a customer ID - this field must match the Cust ID field in the Flight Info group on the Plan screen.


Atc and Integration/Flight Package/Free Text/Additional Addresses /Faxes: Enter the SITA addresses and/or FAX number to which you would send information. If your system supports address aliases then a pre-stored address alias may be entered in the address field, however, in order to use an address alias as an address it must be preceded by the & symbol. 

Example. If you had an alias set up named IND, you would enter “&IND” in the address field if you desired to transmit flight plans to the addresses contained in this alias. Up to 4 addresses and 1 FAX number can be entered for both arrivals and departures.

UPDATED: In the Add and Edit modes the current system date and time is entered automatically. The three spaces following the time are for the initials of the person making the changes.

Comments: These fields will allow you to enter any comments that may be of interest regarding communications to or from handlers, agents, or crew at the airport.

Screen Mode

In Screen mode you will only see the record types that have been added.

Example. The first record type is Config Type, and it has three options: Station, Fir and Integration. If no Integration records have been added, the Integration option will not be available in the drop-down list in Screen Mode.


If you want to edit a record, select the Config Type, click the Edit button and make changes in the address fields. You cannot edit the record types, only the addresses.

Note:  The following descriptions represent the typical access and privileges afforded to users designated as Dispatch Managers/Supervisors. Users with dispatcher privileges will have limited access to a subset of the screens presented.

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