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FOMS Menu 447 (Conversions/Density Altitude Program)

Note: The following descriptions represent the typical access and privileges afforded to users designated as Dispatch Managers/Supervisors. Users with dispatcher privileges will have limited access to a subset of the screens presented.


This program enables the user to perform various different conversions as well as well as density altitude calculation.

The modes available are:

  • Temperature, enter <1>
  • Distance, enter <2>
  • Pressure, enter <3>
  • Density, enter <4>
  • Weight, enter <5>
  • Speed, enter <6>
  • Volume, enter <7>
  • Density Altitude, enter <8>
  • Report
  • Quit



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This is a utility program which will permit you to convert readings in one unit of measure to those in another. Select one of the conversions from the list (1-7) and enter the quantity to be converted, followed by the original units. The options will be displayed on the command line. You may enter the abbreviation, or enter <?> and scroll through the options. In the case of either temperature or weight, where there are only two options, selection of one will immediately cause the conversion to be computed and displayed. Where a variety of options exists, you must specify the units to which you wish to convert.

Density Altitude

This program allows you to calculate the density altitude.

The program calls for entry of:

  • field elevation in feet above MSL
  • barometric pressure in inches of mercury or millibar
  • temperature in degrees Celsius

When the last entry has been made, the program will complete the calculations and display the result as feet above MSL.


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Report Mode

If you select report after completing one or more conversions, a summary of your transactions will be sent to either to the screen (enter <S> for screen) or to the printer (enter <H> for hardcopy). The report will remain available until you exit from the program, at which point the report will be erased from memory.


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