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Revisions Dialog

The Revisions dialog provides users with the ability to copy flights for testing, and view and load any revision for the loaded flight plan. Compute status for each revision is also displayed. The currently loaded revision will be selected by default.

To load a revision:

  1. Click the Revisions button.

  2. Select the Show Failed Compute checkbox if you want to display failed and successful computes.

  3. Click the desired revision. It will turn green.

  4. Click the Load button to load the selected revision or Cancel to close the Revisions dialog without loading a different revision.

  5. The list of revisions is refreshed when the dialog opens to ensure an up-to-date revision list (even if another user attempted to compute the same flight after it was initially loaded). If no revisions exist for the loaded flight plan all of the dialog’s controls, except for the Cancel button, will be disabled.

Clone a Flight

The Clone button allows you to copy an existing flight for test purposes. You can only clone a flight that has been computed. Once cloned, the flight is added to the flight list on the List screen with the test status () symbol  beside it.

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