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FOMS Menu 381 (Published Restricted Areas)

This program shows the Restricted Areas that are updated with AIRACs and published in AIPs. Some restricted areas are issued by NOTAMs and some are permanent. Restricted areas also have time definitions as to when they are active. 

Users can view the published restricted areas on the NFP map as well as FOMS Menu 381. The colors on the map mean the following:

  • Alert  - purple 

  • Caution - yellow

  • Danger - red

  • Military - green

  • Prohibited - cyan/light blue

  • Restricted - orange

  • Training  - blue

  • Warning  - light orange

  • Unknown - gray

The modes available are:

  • Video

  • Screen

  • Hardcopy

  • Quit.

Video Mode

You may review the user-defined regions on file by selecting Video mode from the command line, then entering the identifier for the region. If a corresponding region is on file, then the information displays to screen, otherwise a Record Not Found - Press <Enter> for NEXT AVAILABLE error message is returned. Pressing <Enter> displays the next region on file. You may then scroll through the list by using the up and down arrow keys. Pressing <Enter> again clears the display and leaves the cursor in the identifier field for a new entry. Enter <Q> while in Video mode to clear the display and returns you to the Command Line.

Screen Mode

When Screen mode is selected, the screen changes to the Search screen and the cursor is positioned on the initial format selection field. Enter search criteria in this screen to filter results.

The following fields mean:

  • Match IDs containing: Enter the identifier of the prohibited, danger, restricted, unknown area.

  • Match TYPE: Options are P <Prohibited>, D <Danger>, R <Restricted> or U <Unknown>

Hardcopy Mode

Hardcopy mode functions in the same manner as Screen mode. The exception is the report is sent to the printer and you do not have the ability to terminate the report in mid-stream.

Quit Mode

Entering <Q> from the Command Line returns the Next PROGRAM-NUMBER prompt. You have the option of going directly to your next program if you know the menu number or returning to the previous menu if you press <Enter>.


Note: The following descriptions represent the typical access and privileges afforded to users designated as Dispatch Managers/Supervisors. Users with dispatcher privileges will have limited access to a subset of the screens presented.

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