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NFP Database Tab


NFP Database Tab 

This topic provides an overview of the NFP Database tab on the Maintenance screen. It also describes what is covered in this course. 

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Detailed Explanation 

NFP Database Tab

The NFP Database tab provides you access to the WebFOMS menus. The screen has 5 groups: Aircraft, Airport, Notifications, Administration, and Communication. This topic shows you how to access the N-FP Database tab and how to access a WebFOMS screen from the tab. Other topics will cover the fields and functionality of each screen.

Flight Operations Management System (FOMS)

The Flight Operations Management System (FOMS) is NAVBLUE’s proprietary flight operations management software. It is a complex system comprised of many programs working together. These programs include background applications (flight planning, in-flight revision, fuel/payload analysis, etc.), reports (company/station NOTAMs, weather briefs, flight status reports, etc), and large data files storing data (for aircraft characteristics, airports, routes, performance profiles, ETP policies/scenarios, etc). For NAVBLUE Flight Plan users, FOMS operates transparently behind NAVBLUE Flight Plan, with the exception being instances where data fields are automatically populated by FOMS while flight planning.

Program Number Sequence

NAVBLUE FOMS is not just a single program. It is a complex system made up of more than 150 programs. Some of these are background programs, which you will rarely be aware of, other than that they "make things happen." Others are file managers, which enable you to maintain the dozens of data files, that are necessary to make it possible to complete flight plans etc. FOMS is not just a flight planning program it also integrates weather, NOTAMs, and messaging facilities that permit you to do your work from a single terminal.

At the end of the day, the system can generate a variety of reports to facilitate management control over this most critical area of company operations: flight operations.

Messaging facilities are also available, which permit the user to transmit to local or remote locations through the system network, SITA, ARINC, AFTN, or FAX.

The Final Flight Plan writes information back to the Flight Status file, so that an accurate record of the flight’s statistics may be maintained. As the flight is completed, closing data can be entered, enabling reports on flying time, block time, planned and actual fuel burns, fuel uplift, delays, planned and actual payloads etc. to be created.

 A variety of other utility programs are also available to enable dispatchers to solve the sorts of problems they frequently encounter.

Interaction 1 Click the Maintenance menu item.

Interaction 1 Click the Aircraft Characteristics hyperlink.

You can access any WebFOMS screen from this screen. 

The title of each screen is in the top banner. 


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