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FOMS Menu 160 (Personnel Fields)

This program is used as a control file to help ensure that access to the system is limited to designated personnel, and that Aircraft captains scheduled for particular flights are indeed compatible with the Aircraft scheduled for use. This can be of considerable significance in those cases where a change in Aircraft type is dictated by maintenance or scheduling problems. Operations staff are alerted that the crew scheduling will have to assign a different crew. The names of flight crew and Dispatchers can be drawn from this data file and transcribed to each flight plan as it is produced.

Add / New

In the table below, it describes the field and what the field does.


Action to take


Enter the nine digit alphanumeric ID assigned to the person. If you are using the traditional FOMS menu and the ID chosen has already been used, the applicable record is displayed with Record Already EXISTS error prompt. Press <Enter> to continue.

Name, Initials

Enter the surname and initials of the person.

O/Svc (Y/N)

Enter <Y> to indicate that this person is out of service and therefore not qualified/current. Enter <N> or leave the field blank if the person is current and qualified. Entering a <Y> in this field will prevent the person from being listed/assigned to any flight; therefore, the person’s name will not appear in the crew dropdown list on the Plan screen.


Enter your license number.


Enter the crewmember's address. This is where the crew brief will be delivered. You must also set the Send to Crew field in the Airline Code Parameters screen to send crew briefs.


Enter one of the following classification as applicable. The abbreviations stand for:

  • CPT: Captain

  • FO: First Officer

  • SO: Second Officer

  • NAV: Navigator

  • FE: Flight Engineer

  • LM: Load Master

  • SA: Senior Flight Attendant

  • FA: Flight Attendant

  • DXR: Dispatcher

  • OPS: Ops Controller

  • INS: Instructor

  • MX: Maintenance

  • PR: Purser

  • JS: Jump Seater

  • ACM: Additional Crew

  • SNM: Supernumerary Crew

  • RO: Reserve Officer


This field can be mandatory based on the Rank/Classification chosen. The <?> Search function or dropdown button may be used to select the correct aircraft designator.


Optionally, you can enter the series type for the equipment chosen.

High Minimum? 

Enter <Y> or <N> to indicate whether this Captain is designated as High Minimum (i.e., requiring higher minimum poor weather landing limits) for this particular aircraft. Up to five classifications may be assigned against any individual. Duplications are not permitted. Fields include:

  • ILS CAT: Crewmember’s ILS category qualification

  • ILS LTS: Indicates if a crewmember is qualified for ILS Lower-Than-Standard approaches

  • CAT1 SA: Indicates if a crewmember is qualified for ILS CAT I Special Authorization approaches

  • CAT2 SA: Indicates if a crewmember is qualified for ILS CAT II Special Authorization approaches

  • CAT2 LTS: Indicates if a crewmember is qualified for ILS CAT II Other-Than-Standard approaches

  • GPS RNAV: Indicates if a crewmember is qualified for GPS/RNAV approaches

  • RNP AR: Indicates if a crewmember is qualified for RNP AR approaches

    • RNP Level: This field is optional when the crewmember is marked qualified for RNP AR. Enter the lower limit of the crewmember’s RNP qualification (i.e., no RNP AR below the defined limit).

Pilot dates

These fields include:

  • Recent Takeoff / Landing dates for the pilot

  • Currency Expiry Takeoff / Landing dates for the pilot.


Two lines are provided for comments. The cursor will escape to the Command Line confirmation prompt if you press <Enter> on a blank comments line. Alternatively, you can use <Ctrl>-E.

Note: The following descriptions represent the typical access and privileges given to users designated as Dispatch Managers/Supervisors. Users with Dispatcher privileges will have limited access to a subset of the screens presented.

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