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Creating a Reclear Flight Plan

This function enables customers to legally reduce reserve fuel, which can potentially increase payload. This procedure also complies with ATC requirements and regulations. Although this procedure is normally used by cargo carriers, passenger carriers may use it to extend the aircraft's range by allowing more fuel to be added. Users are to remember that it is not always beneficial to use the reclear function. If fuel needs to be added for a reclear, the benefit is dramatically reduced.

Note: Contact NAVBLUE Support for further information as a format change may be required.

In order to create a reclear flight plan, you must first generate a route. Once you have successfully generated a route, you can proceed to modify it and compute it as a reclear flight plan.

To create a reclear flight plan:

  1. Click the Plan button.

  2. Enter a reclear destination in the Destination window in the Reclear group.

  1. Select a reclear alternate from the Alternate dropdown list.

  2. Select a reclear waypoint from the Waypoint dropdown list.

    • Note: The reclear waypoint must be between the TOC (top of climb) and TOD (top of descent).

  1. The Maximum Landing Weight (MLW) field is auto-populated with a value from the Aircraft Characteristics FOMS database. Enter a value for the maximum flight level in the MFL field.

  2. Click the Compute button. The system computes the reclear route and Computing Flight Plan... is displayed in the context message panel. It may take some time for the reclear route to compute, depending on your internet connection and/or network speed.

    • Note: If the reclear flight fails to compute for any reason, a message and corresponding icon will appear in the message panel describing the reason for the failure. If this occurs, correct the invalid or missing information and re-compute the reclear flight.

  1. Once the reclear route has been completed, the system creates a flight plan and redirects to the Reports screen where the flight plan is now displayed.

  2. You can validate, view, print, search, save and file your completed flight package. To view the entire package, use the scroll bar at the far right of the screen and the Next Page and Previous page controls above the Display group. To view the package as a PDF, select PDF above the Display group.

  1. Send the flight package as outlined in Sending a Flight Package.


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