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Access Disaster Recovery (DR) site

If your primary system is down, you can activate your Disaster Recovery (DR) system. You must only access your DR site when your primary site is down. Alternatively, you can validate your DR for a limited time without affecting your primary site. This is a temporary DR test state, which allows you to confirm that DR is valid. At the end of a set period, the DR site returns to its primary role and any test data is removed.

Note: Before attempting the following steps, contact NAVBLUE Support to ensure they are aware of your activities and can assist if necessary.

To access DR site for validation:

  1. Navigate to your primary site address.

  2. When you have logged into the site (provided you have sufficient privileges), you will see the following screen. Click the Open FOMS Terminal button.

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  1. Type 102 and press Enter on your keyboard. The system automatically begins a process to activate the DR system for validation.

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  1. Log out once the process is complete. You will need to log back in to start validating DR.

  2. Log back in to the DR system to begin using it. 

    • Note: The system is not live and is displayed above the login fields.


The validation period lasts for one hour. Afterward, the DR system automatically resets itself and resyncs with the primary system. Any changes made on the DR system during the validation period will not be on the primary system.

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