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Add A Flight Group

Enter the flight group and add a description of the group.

Once saved, these flight groups will appear in the Settings screen as shown below. Select the appropriate group then click the Apply button.

Assign flights to a specific flight group

Once flight group(s) is available in NFP, select the flight(s) that you want assigned to a specific flight group by selecting the appropriate checkbox(s) then clicking the Assign button.

Once the Assign button is clicked, a dropdown box will appear providing you with the flight group options. You can choose to assign or unassign flights to/from a flight group. Once you select the option and group, click the OK button.

Once completed, click the Filter button to filter flights according to the selected flight group.

Once a specific flight group filter(s) is selected, the flight list only displays flights that have been assigned to that specific flight group. Click the OK button.

Unassigned are flights which have not been assigned to any specific flight group.

Automatic Desk Assignments

You can set up automatic desk/group assignments using the Group Label on the Input Defaults Config in the maintenance screen. 


Flights can be assigned to a specific desk or group using: 

  • Flight Number

  • City Pair

  • FIN or Registration number

  • Aircraft type, series, engine specific 

  • a date/time specific range.

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