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Assigning Flights to Flight Groups

Clicking the Assign button on the Flight List opens the Flight Assignment dialog.

This displays the number of selected flights and lets users manage flight assignments. If no flights have been selected and you click the Assign button, nothing will show and a warning will appear in the bottom left corner stating “No flight selected”.

When the dialog opens, the OK button and both dropdown lists are disabled. Checking a checkbox enables the corresponding dropdown list and the OK button.

Each dropdown list will be populated with the available groups in alphabetical order. If both dropdown lists have the same value, the OK button will become disabled.

Clicking the OK button will:

  • assign the selected flights to the group specified in the corresponding dropdown list if the Assign to checkbox isselected.

  • unassign the selected flights from the group specified in the corresponding dropdown list if the Un-assign from checkbox is selected.

  • close the dialog

  • refresh the flight list

  • clear the flight selection.

Clicking the Cancel button will close the dialog without saving any changes.

For further information on creating and managing flight groups, refer to Creating and Managing Flight Groups. For more information on assigning groups to users, refer to Assigning Flight Groups to Users.

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