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Plan Functions


Plan Functions 

This topic covers the Plan screen - an important part of the N-FP system. You will see an overview of the Plan screen and learn how the options are grouped. 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Plan screen overview

The Plan screen adds to the flight planning capability of the List screen, providing more detailed information used to prepare a flight plan.

This topic provides you with a brief overview of the groups on the Plan screen.

The expandable Map User Interface, used to display the route of flight, forecast weather, available airways, and many other flight planning tools. 

The Flight Key group on the Plan screen contains four fields, which comprise the identification of the flight, and must be completed to create a flight.

The User Interface Navigation Bar allows the user to seamlessly transition between Planning, Route Building, Progress Tracking, and other system functionalities.

The Flight Info Group contains the remainder of the fields that, along with the fields in the Flight Key, are needed to generate a flight plan. The group is extendable to reveal additional flight information fields that allow for flexible flight planning.

The Route Group provides options for profile selection, rule application, and optimization methods. The group is extendable to reveal additional routing options, including the ability for simultaneous calculation of additional routes for comparison.

The Alternates Group allows users to specify up to four alternate airports for the flight in question. The group is extendable to reveal additional alternate routing options, including route of flight, cruise profile, and options for how the Alternate Burn will be calculated. Point of Safe Return functionality can also be accessed from the expanded group.

The Reclear Group contains the fields required for a "Reclear" or "Redispatch" flight plan. The group is extendable to reveal additional options.

The Weights Group provides the user with the weight-related fields required for flight plan creation.

The Fuel Group provides the user with the fuel-related fields that are required for flight plan creation. The group is extendable to provide additional fuel information, including the ability to update the climb/cruise/descent/hold fuel biases, set fuel costs on a per-flight basis.

The Crew Group allows for manual entry of crew information for the flight in question.  The "Signatory" label of the current user can be populated into this group as well. The interface supports many different types of crewmembers allowing for flexibility of planning. The crew information can also be automatically populated through integration.

The ETOPS Group provides the fields required for utilization of Extended Twin-Engine Operations. The system can be configured to automatically select appropriate ETOPS stations. The group is extendable to reveal the ETOPS entry and exit stations.

The ETP Group provides fields to configure the Equal Time Points. The group is extendable to reveal up to 12 ETP pairs. The ETP Policy can be set for each ETP Pair.

The Remarks Group allows for text entry for inclusion in Flight Plan an ATC remarks.

The Plan Screen Buttons allow for manipulation of the flight plan, and are gray when disabled.

The Information Panel displays information based on the field that you've selected within the UI. Regardless of the type of information being displayed, you can expand the Information Panel to increase display size.


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