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FOMS Menu 136 (Fuel Summary Report Program)

The following descriptions represent the typical access and privileges afforded to users designated as Dispatch Managers/Supervisors. Users with dispatcher privileges will have limited access to a subset of the screens presented.

This program generates reports which compare the Flight Plan estimates of enroute time and burn with those actually achieved. The user may select either one particular aircraft, a specific aircraft type to be reported, or use the default values which will report the entire fleet. The date range may be specified, and the user may choose to produce a Summary report (which just lists totals and percentages), or a Full report, which lists the figures for each individual flight, along with the totals.

The modes available are:




Screen Mode

REPORT SORT: Enter the type of report sorting that you require. "A" will produce a report sorted by FIN, "C" will produce a report sorted by Crew ID.

AIRCRAFT FIN: Enter the FIN number of the aircraft you wish to have reported. The default value is "ALL".  This will report all of the aircraft activity in your fleet for the period specified.

AIRCRAFT TYPE: If you have not specified a particular FIN number, then you may select an aircraft type, otherwise this field will be skipped. The default value is ALL.

CREW ID: Enter the crew identification numbers.  The program allows up to 10 crew ID numbers.  Press <Enter> on a blank crew ID field to continue on to the next prompt.

POSITION: Enter the position of the crew members, Captain <CA>, Dispatcher <DX>, First Officer <FO>, Flight Engineer <FE>, Load Master <LM> or Flight Attendant <FA>.  If all six positions are required then leave these blank.  Press <Enter> on a blank position field to carry on to the next prompt.

FROM: Enter the earliest departure date (MADHYA) for the period you want reported. The program assumes a Sedate rather than local date.

TO: Enter the latest departure date (MADHYA) for the period you want reported. Again, the program assumes a Sedate rather than local date.

ORIGIN: Enter the ICAO code of the origin airport or <Enter> for all airports.

DEST: Enter the ICAO code of the destination airport or <Enter> for all airports.

TYPE OF REPORT: Enter either <F> for Full, or <S> for Summary, depending on the type of report you wish to generate.

DIFFERENCE/ACTUAL: Enter <D> to report on Differences or <A> to report on Actuals. The default is A.

REPORT DIFFERENCE GREATER THAN: Report the difference when greater than the entered percentage. This field is optional.

IN THE VALUE: Enter one of the following or simply enter: <B>lock, <E>te, <R>amp, <A>Revel, B<u>rn, or <P>ayld. This field is optional.

Once you have made these entries, a confirmation prompt will appear on the Command Line.

Note: Cancelled flights are not considered when calculating the results of any requested input.


A positive response will initiate the calculations, and your report will be displayed on screen. Press <Enter> to page though the report. You may exit from the report at any time by entering <Q>.

The summary values reported are:

BLUFF: Actual Burn Per Flying Hour

OPAH: Actual Burn Per Block Hour

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