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NOTAM Filtration

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The NOTAM Filtration capabilities of N-FP allow you to create and manage your own NOTAM filters to manage which NOTAMs appear in flight packages.

Note: NOTAM filtering has broad consequences within the N-Flight Planning application and should not be used lightly. Consequently, users must be assigned an appropriate role in order to access the functionality. If you do not have the Maintenance or NOTAM filter options available to you, you are likely missing the appropriate credentials, and must be assigned the correct role before you can use the feature. To request an appropriate role, please open a ticket with NAVBLUE support.

Accessing NOTAM Filter

The NOTAM filer settings are found through the Maintenance screen. Users with appropriate assigned roles can access the filter settings through an option at the top right of the screen.

View screen

Basic screen layout

The NOTAM Filter screen lists the existing filters and has the following attributes:

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New Filter

Click this button to initiate the creation of a new filter


Select the airline code from this drop-down menu. Customers with multiple ALCs can specify filters per ALC.


Provide a name to identify your filter.

Auxiliary Key

This key corresponds to the NOTAM Key field of the Aircraft Characteristics (view screen). Only aircraft that have been assigned this key have the filter applied. You can use the same Auxiliary key for multiple filters.


Select this check box to activate the filter. If this is not checked, the filter does not operate. 

Note: This is useful to temporarily deactivate any particular filter.


Provide a description of what the filter does.

Note: Additional commands- Use the Edit and Delete buttons to modify an existing filter or to remove it. 

Adding and Editing a filter

When adding a new filter or editing an existing one, the filter opens to reveal the logic used when applying it. You must provide the logic based upon the criteria.

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Note: When you are adding or editing a filter, you cannot perform any actions on any other filters until you Save or Cancel your work on the current filter.

There are many conditions upon which you can base your filters, and you can add sub-conditions to each condition, which are then subordinate to the initial condition:

  • Location

  • Fir

  • Series

  • Number

  • Period

  • Issuer

  • Class

  • Text

  • Format

  • QCode

  • QCode23

  • QCode45

  • Upper and Lower Limit

  • Start and End Time

  • Age In Days

Each filter supports operations NOT, AND, and OR:

  • NOT – anything that does not fit the criteria will be filtered

  • AND – anything that meets all criteria will be filtered

  • OR – anything that meets at least one criterion will be filtered

Note: The operators which can be used on a filter differ based on the filter criteria.

Example: The "Location" condition will not allow the"Less or Equal" operator. If an operator cannot be used with the selected filter, a warning message will pop up saying “Unable to save filter representation.”

View example of a filter with conditions and operators in place.

Special Characters

Special characters can be used when crafting a filter. If you see these as you are creating your own filters, they are typically the result of porting old filtering logic to the new NOTAM Filter function. 

One example of such a filter may be:


The special characters used in creating such a filter are:




Start of string



[ ]

Any of the enclosed characters


End of string

( )


Deleting a filter

  1. To delete a filter, simply click the Delete button associated with the filter, found as part of each listed filter.

  2. A dialog box displays, asking you to confirm the deletion. 

  3. Clicking OK deletes the filter.

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Note: The appearance of the Delete dialog varies by browser, yet the result is the same. However, if you use the Firefox browser, a checkbox for “Prevent this page from creating further dialogs” may appear under the Delete confirmation. Do not select this check box. You will not be able to delete any further NOTAMs until settings are reset in the browser.

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