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Flight Package Layout Group Introduction

The Flight Package Layout group is displayed in a tree view and offers the ability to customize what is included in the flight package.

Flight Package Dropdown List

This is the list of available flight package layouts and is sorted alphabetically. If there are no flight package layouts available, the dropdown list will include a single entry named Default Flight Package Layout, which corresponds to a default flight package layout designed to mimic the current functionality. Selecting a layout from the Flight Package dropdown list causes the Package Contents list to update to show the current contents of the selected layout. To expand or collapse a category, click on the + or - sign to the left of the yellow folder.

Package Contents List

The Package Contents list displays the components from the selected flight package layout in the order they have been set. This list is determined by the Package Contents list in the Package Definition group.

Click a checkbox to select or deselect a component as part of the package.

If included in the flight package layout, the Custom Map Images and/or City-Pair Map Images nodes are displayed even when no corresponding map images exist. In this case, the flight package itself will not include corresponding empty sections as no map images have been selected.

For more information on the components in the list, refer to the Package Name & Package Definition group on the Flight Package Layout tab in the N-FP Maintenance section.

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