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City-Pair Route Screen

The City-Pair Routes tab combines functionality currently available in FOMS 305 and FOMS 306  and options available on the map to provide a more user-friendly interface to create and view city-pair routes.

See Add a City-Pair Route and Edit a City-Pair Route for information on how to add/edit routes.

This tab is available for all users who have access to FOMS menus, however access can be configured.  Please contact support for more information. 

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The map pane on the City-Pair Routes tab shares some of the functionality and options available on the map pane. Multiple routes can be displayed, see Search for Routes below. See Map for more information.

This includes:

       Map, Airspace, and Action buttons – the Flight and Weather buttons are not available

       Right-click options

       Search options

       Zoom and expand

Search for Routes


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You can search for all routes in the system, with an option to search for disabled routes. Enter search criteria and select Query. Selecting a route in the list displays it on the map pane. Multiple routes can be displayed at the same time.

Delete Route Function

A Delete Options function allows you to remove any City-Pair route. You can either remove the route immediately, or use the Delete from the next cycle function to remove the route from subsequent cycles. The check-box is enabled when the database for the next AIRAC cycle is available, otherwise it is disabled. If checked, the routes that were saved in the next AIRAC cycle will be deleted. If the route to delete was not saved to the next cycle, a warning message displays to notify the user.

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