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Restricted Areas

Restricted areas can be viewed on the map. Restricted areas are viewed through the Airspace button then selecting the Restricted Areas checkbox.

Some restricted areas only apply to certain flight levels. A flight path may be constructed through a restricted area on the map; however, it may not be passing through a restricted area in reality. The flight path may be passing above or below the restricted area. N-Flight Planning (N-FP) also has the ability to horizontally and vertically avoid restricted areas.

There are several types of restricted airspace that NAVBLUE Flight Plan takes into account when generating a route when in the Options group. At present, the MTTA will avoid Danger, Prohibited, and Restricted areas whenever possible when generating a flight plan with the Avoid Restricted Areas checkbox selected. In instances where a restricted area cannot be avoided and the flight path enters a restricted area, a report is appended to the flight plan.

Restricted areas, which are activated by a NOTAM, can be avoided. There is a parameter dedicated to NOTAM Restricted areas in the Airline Code Parameters. In the Airline Code Parameters, there are two sections of Restricted Area avoidance: 

  • Fixed Restricted Areas - Areas that are permanent or semi-permanent and are published in the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP).

  • NOTAM Restricted Areas - Areas that are activated or published via NOTAM.

The restricted areas can be overlaid on the Map and are color-coded. Below is how the Fixed and NOTAM Restricted fields look like in the Airlines Code Parameters.

You have the ability to add, modify, or remove the letter corresponding to the type of restricted area that you want to avoid. The following letters represent:

  • A - Alert

  • C - Caution

  • D - Danger

  • M - Military

  • P - Prohibited

  • R - Restricted

  • T - Training

  • W - Warning 

  • U - Unknown.

On the map, these values for restricted areas are also represented by colors. 


View Restricted Area Information

You can zoom in on the map to receive further detailed information on a restricted area.


Once zoomed in, you can view more information on a restricted area by moving your mouse over the restricted area on the map and right-clicking on it.


User-Defined Restricted Areas

N-FP also allows the user to define restricted areas. User-defined restricted areas are displayed in the color that corresponds to the restricted area type. For information on setting up a user-defined restricted area, refer to FOMS Menu 380 (User Defined Restricted Regions Program).

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