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List Screen

In the List screen, you can view a list of completed flights in the system and arrange your workflow by adding, expanding, filtering, searching, deleting, and quickly opening flights from the list. For more information on these functions, refer to the List Screen Buttons and Fields article.

You can sort flights by clicking on the corresponding column header. These include: 

  • STD
  • Flight
  • Origin
  • Dest
  • ETD
  • ETA
  • Aircraft
  • CTOT.


Clicking the same column header multiple times will toggle between ascending and descending order. A black triangle beside the header title shows the direction that the list has been sorted in.



The flight list contains a scrollable list of flights in the system that meet the filtering criteria. By default, the flights shown range from six hours prior to current time to 12 hours after current time. 


The flight list can be assigned to groups. Afterward, users can filter the light list based on these flight groups. Also, users can be assigned to groups to determine which flight groups they are wanting to view.

  • A green-highlighted flight in the flight list indicates that the highlighted flight is currently selected and has been loaded to the Plan screen.
  • A yellow-highlighted flight in the flight list indicates that the highlighted flight matches the search criteria.
  • Test flights are marked by a Test Flight icon  to the left of the Flight column.
  • The read-only fields displayed in the flight list are described in the table below.
  • The Pending Input  icon is displayed when changes are made to a computed flight on the Plan screen. The icon is only displayed on a computed flight if a message is received from an integrated system. There is a possibility that these changes may come through an integration.


Flight Selection Column

A checkbox is associated with each flight that allows for the selection of flights. The context button at the top of the column  opens a menu listing three options: 

  • Select All
  • Unselect All
  • Select Un-Assigned.


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Based on the option you select, it will have a different function. Clicking: 

  • Select All selects all the flights in the list (filtered-out flights will not be selected). 
  • Unselect All unselects all the flights in the list
  • Select Un-Assigned selects all the flights in the list that are not assigned to a group (filtered-out flights will not be selected).


The current flight selection will be cleared if the Refresh button is clicked.


Group Column

The Group column allows users to easily identify whether a flight is assigned to them by a display of icons. Flights that are not assigned to any groups will have a blank value for this column. 


This icon indicates that the flight is assigned to a group that the user is a member of.

This icon indicates the flight is assigned to other groups. Hovering over a group icon will display a tooltip identifying which groups, in alphabetical order, the flight is assigned to.



The airline code displays in this field.



This field displays the scheduled time of departure in the DDHHMM (date, hour, minutes) format.



The CTOT field displays the Calculated Take Off Time. This field is not automatically active. Please contact NAVBLUE Support for assistance in setting up this field. 


Flight # (Flight Number)

The flight number displays in this field.



This field displays the ICAO code of the origin airport.



The ICAO code of the destination airport displays in this field.



This field displays the estimated time of departure.



This field displays the estimated time of arrival.



This field displays the FIN (Facility Identification Number) of the aircraft.



This field displays the ATC ALC. Refer to Flight Info Group for more information.



This field displays the status of the flight. A flight may have more than one status applied. The following list is of all the available status types:



Status of Flight



Pending Input






Sent ATC

ATC Transmission pending

Sent and Acknowledge ATC

Sent and Rejected ATC

Sent Package

Package transmission pending

The flight has at least one unread alert.

All alerts for the flight have been read.

There are missing permits for the flight.

There is an automation exception for the flight.

The flight is currently automated.

Flight amendment


ACARS transmission pending

Flight has reclear

A High Min Captain has been assigned to a computed flight

Tankering Advised. Tankerage is advised when the calculated fuel savings meets the given threshold. Refer to Advise Tankering.

Tankering Required. Tankerage is required when available to set <N> on FOMS 130.

RAIM check failed

RAIM check passed

Indicates that the aircraft assigned to the flight has a MEL/CDL assigned to it with a penalty/effect type applied.

Indicates that the aircraft assigned to the flight has a MEL/CDL assigned to it without a penalty/effect type applied.

Indicates that the Take Off and Landing Report has been sent.

Indicates that the Take Off and Landing Report has been received.

Indicates that the flight linked with one or more flight allow helpful display options.


Note: Clicking the Automation icon or the Automation exception icon updates the Info Panel to display the Automation Event log.


The flight list does not support any time-based automatic updating. New flights added are automatically added and highlighted on the list. You can also update the list in the following situations:

  • The user logs in. The flight list will be populated based on the default values from the filter.
  • The Refresh button is pressed. Refer to the Refresh Button below.
  • A flight is selected. Selecting a flight on the flight list will only update the data for the selected row of the flight list.
  • The filter dialog is applied. Pressing the OK button on the filter dialog will refresh the flight list with the new filter parameters and reapply the previous search if there was one. Pressing the Cancel button on the filter dialog will not refresh the flight list. Refer to the Search/Filter Group for more information on filtering and the filter dialog.
  • A Zulu timestamp in the form YYYY-MM-DD is visible below the flight list to indicate the last time that the full contents of the flight list were updated. This time will not be updated when a single flight is updated.


Selecting a Flight from the Flight List

To select a flight from the flight list, simply click it. Selecting a flight from the flight list will load the flight on the Plan screen; however, the List screen will continue to be displayed until you select another screen from the navigation bar.


The selected flight will be highlighted in green on the flight list, the Map will update to show the primary route, and the Information will update to display route information for the selected flight.


If a flight was selected and had pending changes, the changes are not displayed until the Refresh button on the plan screen is clicked. Alternatively, the dispatcher can select a different flight in the plan screen and then re-select their original one. This has the same effect of reloading the flight.



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