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CA48 - ATC ICAO Form

Adding the Atc Form component to the Flight Package provides you with the standard ICAO format.

Editable option

When you add the Atc Form component, select the Editable option. This gives you the ability to edit the flight typewake turbulence, and item 19 components.

Note: Behavior varies based on your PDF viewer.


Generating and editing the ATC form

  1. A blank Atc Form opens once you click the Atc Form link. Click the PDF button.

  1. After you click the PDF button, a separate PDF layout screen opens.

  1. Click Open with Different Viewer, located at the top right of the screen.

  1. Select the appropriate PDF reader – FOXIT is the recommended PDF Reader as tested by NAVBLUE.

  1. Once the PDF reader has been selected, the editable template opens. You now have drop-down options for flight types, wake turbulence categories, and item 19 checkboxes.

  1. Addresses can also be added into the appropriate fields as shown below. These fields must be added in upper case.

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