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Changing the Login Password

From the Navigation Bar, click on the wrench icon on the left-hand side where your login credentials are displayed.

The Change Password panel opens.

After entering your airline code, user name and current password, enter your new password in the New Password field and enter it again in the Confirm field. Click on the Change Password button to complete the change, or the Cancel button to cancel without changing the password.

Password Requirements

Your password must be at least 7 characters long and must contain at least 1 number and 1 non-word character.

Forced Password Change

By default, NFP user account passwords have an expiry date. If the user with the password expiry date attempts to log-in, one of three things could happen.

  1. If the password is not yet expired but is within 5 days of expiry, the user will be prompted to change their password.
  2. If the password is past the expiry date, the account will be locked out, and the user will be informed.
  3. If the password expiry is more than 5 days away, the user log-in proceeds normally.

The default of having a password expiry date can be changed using the NFP User Administration tool.

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