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Main Tab (Airline Code Parameters)

Airline Details




This field represents the carrier’s three-letter airline code. Generally, only one airline code is maintained on each system, however there is support for multiple airline codes should the user have the requirement to manage more than one airline code. Fields in red are mandatory.


Enter the phone number of the company. Generally, this is the direct phone line to dispatch and is used by NAVBLUE should it be necessary to contact the carrier about a system problem.


Enter the FAX phone number of the company. Generally, this is the FAX located in dispatch and is used by NAVBLUE should it be necessary to contact the carrier via fax about a system problem.

Reply email override

When flight packages are sent via email, the email alias entered in this field is used in the From field on the email.


The hazard settings you enter here are applied to all aircraft unless these fields are set in the Aircraft Database (FOMS 220) menu for a particular aircraft. Values set in the Aircraft Database (FOMS 220) override the values set here.


Enter the company name in this field. This information is not used by the system in any way so it is OK to abbreviate, if necessary.


Enter the name of the individual within the company that is to be considered the NAVBLUE System Administrator. Typically, this will be the Manager of Dispatch or another person that NAVBLUE may contact regarding the system, should it be necessary.


Enter the mailing address of the company. NAVBLUE uses this information to send correspondences that are not appropriate to be sent via electronic form.

Country Settings



Domestic Country Code

Enter the two letter country code for which the airline is registered. This is how NFP determines whether a flight is domestic or international. This entry is also used by NFP to determine the following:

  • Domestic or International reserve policy

  • Domestic or Bonded fuel prices

  • Domestic or International HOLD

  • Domestic or International flight plan format

  • Overflight costs

The CC entered in FOMS 220 will override the one entered in FOMS 170.

Currency Unit

Enter the customer default currency unit. This impacts the second column for overflight costs. First column displays the FIR’s currency while the second column displays the converted value based on this input.

Note: The OFC cost shown in the route screen is also based on this entry.

Weight Units (LBS or KGS)

Options are LBS or KGS. If set to LBS, passenger weights and fuel defaults are entered in LBS. If set to KGS, passenger weights and fuel defaults are entered in KGS. 

Note: Weights entered here are the default weights displayed in NFP’s plan screen.

Temperature Unit

Options are F (Farenheit), or C (Celsius). This currently only impacts the fuel/payload analysis. If C is entered, temperatures in the fuel/payload utility (FOMS 133) default to degrees Celsius.

Allowed Domestic Data Country Codes

The country code entered in this field is the domestic-only navigation data that an ALC is allowed to use.


Profile Name: Select the default automation profile.

Note: See Automation Defaults for more information.

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