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Automation Action Configuration Options


ATC Transmissions 

How to view ATC Transmissions in the Info View Panel. 

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Detailed Explanation 

ATC Transmissions in InfoView 

If you want to see ATC Transmissions (Inbound and Outbound) in N-Flight Planning, you have the option to do so from the Plan screen. After an ATC message has been sent and the antenna icon becomes visible on the Plan screen, you can select the flight and click on the antenna button to display a new panel in the InfoView section. 

Interaction 1 Click the Send to ATC button.


We start with a computed flight plan and send our flight plan to ATC.

You must have at least one ATC transmission in order to view ATC transmissions. 

Interaction 1 Click Confirm.

Interaction 1 Click the List tab.

Interaction 1 Click the Sent ATC button.

You can see all ATC communications for this flight here. 


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