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Import/Export Tab Introduction

You must have an Admin or Manager role to view this tab.

The Import/Export tab screen allows you to import and export Aircraft Fuel Biases, Performance Based Compliance (PBC) Fuel Policies, and Fuel Costs. Files are imported and exported as CSV files.

To import a file, select the type of file in the Data Type field, browse to select the file and click upload to import the file.

To export a file, select the type of file in the Data Type field and click Download to download the file.


Key Fields (Default/Template Will Not Apply to a Flight Unless it Matches ALL Defined Fields)

TEMPLATE - Enter a template name, if you wish to create a UI Selectable Template (Optional. If not specified, will create a Default)

WHOALC - The applicable Airline ALC, if in a multi-ALC environment. (Optional. If not specified, will apply to all)

FLTNUM - The applicable flight number (Optional. Wildcarding available using asterisk (*))

ORIG - ICAO Origin Airport (Optional. Wildcarding available using asterisk(*))

DEST - ICAO Destination Airport (Optional. Wildcarding available using asterisk(*)) 

ACFT - Aircraft Fin (Optional)

EQUIP - Aircraft Equipment Type (Optional - Cannot be used if ACFT defined)

SERIES - Aircraft Type Series (Optional/Conditional - EQUIP must be defined)

ENGINES - Aircraft Series Engine Type (Optional/Conditional - SERIES must be defined)

SCHED - ICAO Schedule Type (Optional - S/N/G/M/T/X)

DOM - Domestic Flight Flag (Optional - Y/N (i.e. International)/Blank (i.e. Both))

ATCALC - The applicable ATC ALC (Optional)

DATESTART - Three/Four digit numerical identifier for start date (Optional - MMDD)

DATEEND - Three/Four digit numerical identifier for end date (Conditional - MMDD  - must be defined if DATESTART is defined)

TIMESTART - Four digit numerical identifier for start time (Optional - HHmm) 

TIMEEND - Four digit numerical identifier for end time (Conditional - HHmm  - must be defined if DATESTART is defined)

DAYS - Valid Days (Optional - 1-Sun, 2-Mon, 3-Tues, 4-Wed, 5-Thurs, 6-Fri, 7-Sat, D-Weekdays, E-Weekends - 7 digit limit)

Reserve Options (All fields optional unless otherwise indicated)
RESPOL - Reserve Policy # (Conditional - Mandatory if using RESTYPE)

RESTYPE - Fuel [F], Time [T], Percent [P] - Requires correct policy number for user-defined values (36/44 for F/T, 101 for P)

RESVAL - Reserve value (Conditional - Mandatory if RESTYPE is defined)

ADDFUEL - Additional Fuel "General" Amount (Integer)

ADDFUELOPT - Additional Fuel "General" Optional Flag (Y/N)

ADDFUELRSN1/2/3/4/5 - Additional Fuel Reason 1/2/3/4/5 Label (String)

ADDFUELVAL1/2/3/4/5 - Additional Fuel Reason 1/2/3/4/5 Amount (Integer)

ADDFUELOPT1/2/3/4/5 - Additional Fuel Reason 1/2/3/4/5 Optional Flag (Y/N) 

ADDHOLDFUEL1/2 - Additional Hold Fuel Amount 1/2 (Integer - Cannot be used with ADDHOLDTIME1/2 or ADDHOLDFL1/2 fields)

ADDHOLDTIME1/2 - Additional Hold Time Amount 1/2 (Integer - Cannot be used with ADDHOLDFUEL1/2) field 

ADDHOLDTOD1/2 - Additional Hold 1/2 Use TOD Fuel Flow Flag (Y/N)

ADDHOLDFL1/2 - Additional Hold 1/2 FL (Integer - Cannot be used with ADDHOLDFUEL1/2 field)

ADDHOLDATALT1/2 - Additional Hold at Alternate Flag (Y/N)

ADDHOLDFUELOPT1/2 - Additional Hold Fuel Optional Flag (Y/N)

Misc Fields

REMARKS - Flight Plan Remarks (String)

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