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FOMS Menu 446 (TAS/Mach, Sunrise, Wind-TO/Lnd Program)

This program enables the user to perform various different calculations.

The calculations available are:

  • calculate true air speed for any given Mach and vice-versa

  • calculate the GMT (UTC) for Sunrise and Sunset at any latitude/longitude for any day of the year

  • calculate the effective crosswind and headwind components at the take-off distance required with these conditions

The modes available are:

  • TAS/Mach Calculation, enter <1>

  • Sunrise/Sunset, enter <2>

  • Wind Effect on T/O or Landing, enter <3>

  • Screen

  • Hardcopy

  • Quit

TAS Mach Calculation

Given the flight level and air temperature, this program will calculate the true air speed for any given Mach number, vice versa.



Flight level

Enter the appropriate flight level.

ISA Deviation

Enter the deviation from ISA temperature, if known. If not, press <Enter> and input the Actual outside air temperature.

Note: In both cases, the value not entered will be computed and displayed.

Mach Number/TAS

Enter the known value, and the equivalent other value will be displayed. Mach numbers must be entered without the decimal point.

Sunrise and Sunset

This program allows you to calculate the GMT (UTC) for Sunrise and Sunset at any latitude and longitude position, for any day of the year. You can then convert to any local time if you know the difference from GMT.




Enter the month of the year (1 to 12, e.g., enter <3> for March).


Enter the day of the month (1 to 31).


Enter the location of an airport, waypoint, or latitude/longitude coordinates.

Once the last entry has been made, the program will calculate and display the times for Sunrise and Sunset.

Wind Effect on Takeoff or Landing

The purpose of this program is to calculate the effective crosswind and headwind components and the takeoff or landing distance that will be required with these conditions.



Runway Magnetic Heading

Enter the magnetic heading of the runway in use.

Wind Direction (Magnetic)

Enter the wind direction in degrees magnetic.

Wind Speed (Knots)

Enter the wind velocity in knots.

Corrected Zero-Wind Distance

Enter the chart zero-wind takeoff distance in feet, adjusted for temperature and pressure altitude.

Corrected Airspeed (Knots)

Enter the chart airspeed adjusted for temperature and pressure altitude.

When the last item has been entered, the program will calculate and display the crosswind component left or right, the headwind or tailwind component, and the runaway distance that will be required.

Screen Mode

This allows you to generate a report of the calculations which have been completed in a given session. 

Note: You cannot enter Screen mode upon entering the program which is the case for most other programs. If you attempt to, a prompt No Data to REPORT displays. However, after you have done one or more calculations, you may call up Screen mode, and have a summary of your calculations displayed on the screen.

Hardcopy Mode

This mode works in the same manner as Screen mode with the exception that the report is sent to the printer. As noted above, this mode should not be entered until after you have performed all of the calculations which you desire to perform.

Quit Mode

This mode allows you to exit this program and go directly to another program, or to return to the last menu.

Note: The following descriptions represent the typical access and privileges afforded to users designated as Dispatch Managers/Supervisors. Users with dispatcher privileges will have limited access to a subset of the screens presented.

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