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Allow entries/exits to join Track mid-way

The below steps show you how to build a route that enters or exits an outer track on any point along the track rather than being constrained to only the first and last waypoint. 

Note: This is applicable to PACOTS only.   

In this example, we will create a route that joins in the middle of PACOT E.

  1. Click the New button.

  2. Click the Use Tracks checkbox.

  3. Click the Track dropdown button.

  4. Click the PAC list item.

  5. Click the second Track dropdown button.

  6. Click the E list item.

  7. Click the MTTA input field. Enter 40N140W into the MTTA field. 

    • Enter the waypoint you want to enter. Zoom in on the map screen to see the waypoint names appear.

  1. Click the Generate button.

  2. Once we compute the route, you can see it has joined the E track at 40N140W.

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