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Exclude Stations

Exclude Driftdown/Oxygen Escape Route Airports

The Exclude Stations field allows the N-FP system to comply with FAR 121.191 to provide Dispatchers with the ability to enter stations they want to be excluded from the following:


  • Oxygen and Driftdown Escape Routes

    • During a compute, any station listed in this field will not be used as an Escape Route.


    • If you have set the Show All EEP/EXP field to Yes and have checked the Force Re-default ETOPS field in ETOPS/EEXP group in the Enroute Stations tab of the Airline Code Parameters WebFOMS screen, any station entered in this field will not be selected as a suggested ETOPS station when a Route Analysis is performed. This selection remains even if a new route is chosen from the Plan screen.

  • Alternates

    • Any station in this field will not be selected as the default Alternate by the N-FP system.

  • Enroute Weather Airports

    • Station weather, displayed in the Other tab on the Info panel (see below example), is not shown for any station in this field. Weather information for the station is not included when building the flight package during the compute.

  1. Click the Plan menu item.

  1. Click the Route >> image.      

  1. Click the Exclude input field.

  2. Enter YHM into the Exclude field.

Note: Any station entered remains until a new flight is computed. You must clear out the station if you want to recompute with the field empty.

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