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Graphical Winds Chart

Users have access to the vertical cross-section chart.

The Route Profile must be added to the package contents before you can.

Select Graphical Winds as an option to enable the chart.

The following is an example of a Graphical Winds Chart:

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

It contains the following components:

  • Compass indicating direction of flight.

  • Wind direction (as wind barbs) in relation to the direction of flight. Flights traveling east to west display opposite of west to east.

  • Tabular wind component at chart bottom.

  • Temperature.

  • Icing (light, medium, heavy).

  • Turbulence (light, moderate, severe).

  • Tropopause flight level and temperature in green color font, below the compass direction.

  • Storm Tops indicated by green blocks.

  • MORA indicated by gray blocks.

  • Route of flight.

  • ISA for fixed flight levels.

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