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Aircraft Characteristics Layout Overview

The Aircraft Characteristics screen allows you to view, edit, and add aircraft characteristics and is accessible through the Maintenance screen by selecting the ACFT DB tab and selecting Aircraft Characteristics. This screen ties in with the standard 220 FOMS  menu and any changes made in the standard 220 menu can be seen in the Aircraft Characteristics screen. Similarly, any changes in the Aircraft Characteristics screen can be seen in the 220 FOMS menu.

This section of the help guide provides an overview of  the Aircraft Characteristic screen and the location of Aircraft Characteristic fields. Also, it provides links for instructions on how to add, edit, copy, and view aircraft characteristics .

Note: See FOMS Menu 220 (Aircraft Characteristic Program) for a detailed description of the fields in the Aircraft Characteristics screen.

Aircraft Characteristics Screen Overview

This section uses the Aircraft Characteristics screen to provide an overview of the WebFOMS menus. The features described here can be applied to all screens.


The Aircraft Characteristics screen is separated into four tabs:

  • General

  • Performance

  • Atc Items

  • Report 

  • Others (A).

These tabs are always available when viewing or editing aircraft information. Within each tab, the fields are grouped together. Below states a description of how the fields are grouped together.

All fields in section (B) (above) are mandatory, except ALC and CC. Mandatory fields remain highlighted until an acceptable value has been added. A red X is displayed on the bottom of the screen (E) beside the CopySaveDelete, and Cancel buttons.

Note: There are mandatory fields on each tab. The red X remains until all mandatory fields have acceptable values. You cannot save the aircraft to the database until all mandatory fields have acceptable values entered.

Caution fields are highlighted yellow. A yellow alert triangle is displayed on the bottom status bar (E) beside the CopySaveDelete, and Cancel buttons. The icon and yellow highlighted field warns you that values may be incorrect, however, you can still save to the aircraft database with warnings.

The fields in Section C and D (Tool tips) provide extra information that notifies either the field is required or may be incorrect. It also provides further information on the expected value. Move your mouse over a field to view the tool tip.

A row of buttons at the bottom of the screen (E) allow you to add, edit, copy, delete and view aircraft characteristics. 

The green arrow beside a field allows you to add additional fields. Click on the green arrow, and select either: add, remove, move up, or down.

Note: The following descriptions represent the typical access and privileges afforded to users who are designated as Dispatch Managers/Supervisors. Users with dispatcher privileges will have limited access to a subset of the screens presented.

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