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Communications WebFOMS Screens


Communications WebFOMS Screens 

This topic provides an overview of the Communications WebFOMS screens.  

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Detailed Explanation 

Communications WebFOMS Screens

This topic provides you with an overview of the WebFOMS screens that are in the Aircraft group on the N-FP database tab on the Maintenance screen.


Before you begin this topic, you should familiarize yourself with WebFOMS functionality.


Use this program to establish and maintain a data file of message addresses for any airport. These standard addresses can be accessed by the Send Flight Papers program, thus eliminating the need to re-key addresses each and every time a flight plan is dispatched.


Alias Database

Use this program to maintain the alias database. Aliases can be used for all types of addresses, including email. The address alias program allows you to update information that is on file for each alias in the data file.



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