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Extendable Groups

Several groups are extendable in order to accommodate a greater number of fields within the groups.

The following groups are now extendable:

  • Flight Info

  • Route

  • Alternates

  • Fuel

  • Reclear


  • ETP.

General Functionality

Extendable control groups have an expansion button (the double arrows button) after the name of the group on the Graphical User Interface (GUI). Clicking this button extends the boundaries of the group to display the additional fields. The first of these additional fields will be given the keyboard focus.

The button changes from >> to X once expanded. Clicking the X causes the group to collapse to its original form.

The group can also be expanded by double-clicking the group’s title or anywhere within the group. The group is collapsible by double-clicking the group’s title, anywhere within the expanded group, or anywhere outside of the group.

Another way to expand the group is by pressing the down arrow on your keyboard while the last field in that group has the keyboard focus. The control group can also be collapsed by pressing the <Esc> key on your keyboard.

If the Tab key is pressed while you are in the last of the expanded group’s fields, the focus moves to the first field of the next control group and the group will collapse.

If information is entered into any of the additional fields, the background color of the expansion button changes to gray. This conveys that non-default information exists in the expanded portion of that group. 

If the non-default information is removed, the button returns to its normal state. The expansion button turns to pink if the group contains an invalid value.

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