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FOMS Menu 147 (NOTAM Q-Codes Program)

This program stores the international Q-codes for NOTAMs and their full plain language translations and plain language abbreviationsQ-codes are made up of four alphanumeric characters: the first two characters translate into one type of expression, generally describing a particular category of problems, while the second two characters elaborate or refine the description of the problem.

The NOTAM parsing program reads NOTAMs as they are received. If it finds a Q-code, then it interrogates this data file to determine what the appropriate plain language translation should be. This translation is included as part of the NOTAM record that is written to disk, and from that point on, any time such a NOTAM is reported (either to screen, hardcopy, or as part of the Send Flight Papers packages), the plain language translation will also appear, enclosed by forward slash characters (/).

A typical example would appear like this:


- A0017/93 16JAN93/1200-16JAN/93/2200



The modes available in this program are:

  • Add

  • Edit

  • Delete

  • Video

  • Screen

  • Hardcopy

  • Quit

Add Mode




Enter the position for the Q-code first or second pair of characters in the Q-code by entering either <1> or <2>.


Enter the alphabetic Q-code pair.

Full Description

Enter the full description of the Q-code pair.

Short Description

Enter the abbreviated description of the Q-code pair.

Edit Mode

In the Edit mode, you can add, delete, or modify any of the Q-code descriptions.

Once you enter the position and code, the full and short descriptions are displayed and can be edited.

To delete a description, position the cursor on it, and press <Ctrl>-X. <Ctrl>-D deletes the entry and closes up the list, while <Ctrl>-X deletes the entry and leaves the field open for a new entry.

Delete Mode

Enter the position and code that you want to delete. A Really DELETE? (Y/N) confirmation is displayed. Press <Y> to delete the Q-code. Pressing <N> clears the screen and takes the cursor back to the position field.

Video Mode

Enter the Video mode, and enter the position and code that you want to view the descriptions for.

You may filter through the Q-codes with the up and down arrow keys. If you filter beyond either the upper or lower limits of the file, you will be returned to a blank record. You may also return to a blank record at any point by pressing <Enter>. At the blank record you can enter another position and code, if you want. To escape from the Video mode altogether, enter <Q>, or press <Enter> twice.

Screen Mode




Indicate whether you want to view descriptions for the first or second pair of characters in the Q-code by entering either <1> or <2>.


Enter the code pair that you want to see descriptions of.


Indicate whether you want to turn paging for the report on or off.

Hardcopy Mode

This mode is the same as Screen mode, with the exception that the report is sent to the printer, and consequently you do not have the ability to terminate the report after you have responded positively to the confirmation prompt.

Priority Mode

This mode gives you the ability to order the display of NOTAMS on the Flight Brief using the NOTAM Q code.

In the example from the screenshot above, the priority of the NOTAMs on the flight brief are:






Quit Mode

Entering <Q> from the command line, will return the Next PROGRAM-NUMBER prompt so that you have the option of going directly to your next program, if you know the menu number, or of returning to the previous menu if you simply press <Enter>.

Note: The following descriptions represent the typical access and privileges afforded to users designated as Dispatch Managers/Supervisors. Users with dispatcher privileges will have limited access to a subset of the screens presented.

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