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Notifications WebFOMS Screens


Notifications WebFOMS Screens 

This topic is an overview of the Notifications WebFOMS screens. 

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Detailed Explanation 

Notification WebFOMS Screens

This topic provides you with an overview of the webFOMS screens that are in the Notifications group on the NFP database tab on the Maintenance screen.


Before you begin this topic, you should familiarize yourself with webFOMS functionality.

FIR Warnings

Use this program to display a predefined warning message when the route of flight of an active flight plan enters an FIR found within the database.

 Dispatch Warning Only
- the text of the warning message entered is displayed as a Compute warning on the status bar, see Status Bar for more information.

 Flight Plan Warning Only
- the text of the warning message entered is included in the Flight Plan. 

Company Notams

Use this program to add, edit, delete or view company NOTAMs.

Notams Q-Code Priority

This program stores the international Q-codes for NOTAMs (see NOTAM Q-codes in the Glossary) and their full plain language translations and plain language abbreviations. Q-codes are made up of four alphanumeric characters: the first two characters translate into one type of expression, generally describing a particular category of problems, while the second two characters elaborate or refine the description of the problem.

 The NOTAM parsing program reads NOTAMs as they are received. If it finds a Q-code, then it interrogates this data file to determine what the appropriate plain language translation should be. This translation is included as part of the NOTAM record that is written to disk, and from that point on any time such a NOTAM is reported (either to screen, hardcopy, or as part of the Send Flight Papers packages), the plain language translation will also appear, enclosed by forward slash characters (/).

A typical example would appear like this:  


- A0017/93 16JAN93/1200-16JAN/93/2200 



Alert Profile

Use this program to add, edit, delete, or view alert profiles used by the alerting function in N-FP.

Group Alert Monitors

Use this program to add stations to the Weather Alert Monitor list. This allows you to monitor added stations, even if they are not associated with a flight.


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