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What are Flight Group Assignments (also known as desk assignments)?


The “flight groups” feature is used to filter the flight list so that individual dispatchers can only see the flights that they are responsible for, and only get alerts generated for those flights. 

Dispatchers also have the option to see flights for other groups if required. Normally the dispatch manager will assign flights to their individual dispatchers based on their operations (domestic vs. international).

Assigning Flight Groups to Users


Users are able to have group memberships. This allows users to specify which groups they are interested in. It is not mandatory to be assigned to a flight group, or to use flight groups at all. Memberships are controlled by the user and can be changed via the Settings screen


To assign yourself to a flight group:


  1. Go to the Group Membership group on the Settings screen.
  2. Select the checkbox beside any groups that you want to be assigned to.
  3. Click on the Apply button.


To remove yourself from a group:


  1. Go to the Group Membership group on the Settings screen.
  2. Deselect the checkbox of any group that you want to be removed from.
  3. Click the Apply button.


For more information, refer to the Group Membership group.

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