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Package Name Group

Package Name group, together with the Package Definition group, allows you to:

  • view the list of existing flight package layouts

  • create new ones

  • copy existing layouts

  • delete package layouts no longer considered useful

  • adjust the components within a flight package layout.

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The Package Name group lists the names of the existing flight package layouts in alphabetical order. Clicking a layout name in the lists loads the corresponding flight package layout into the Package Contents list (unsaved changes will be lost). When no row is selected (the default) all controls are disabled, except for the Add and Refresh buttons along with the Package Name list. Selecting a row enables all other functions: Save, Save As, and Delete.

Adding a Flight Package Layout

Click the Add button to open the Add Package Layout dialog. You can specify the name for the new flight package layout. The Package Name field is limited to 30 alphanumeric characters (including spaces).

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When you click the Add button, it will: 

  • create a flight package layout with the specified name initialized with default components

  • include the new flight package layout in the Package Name list

  • select the new flight package layout.

Click the Cancel button to close the dialog without adding a new flight package layout.

Deleting a Flight Package Layout

Click the Delete button to cancel the operation. You will be prompted with the Delete Package Layout dialog before confirming your deletion. 

If the Delete button is clicked, the dialog is closed and the loaded flight package layout is deleted from the database and the corresponding row in the Package Name list will be removed. The SaveSave As, and Delete buttons will be disabled.

If you click the Cancel button, it closes the dialog without deleting the selected flight package layout. 

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Modifying a Flight Package Layout

You can modify an existing package layout by selecting it from the Package Name list then dragging components into and out of the Package Contents list. Components that are available to add to the flight package layout are listed in the Available Components list. Components must be dragged into a Section in the Package Contents list. 

To save the modified flight package layout using the current name, click the Save button. The message Saved flight package layout: (layout name) displays.

To save the modified flight package layout under a new name, click the Save As button. The Save As dialog opens with the current name of the flight package layout in the Package Name field. This allows the user to save the flight package layout or cancel the operation. Enter the desired name for the modified flight package layout and click the Save button. If the Save button is clicked without changing the flight package layout name, an error occurs and the save is aborted.

If the Cancel button is clicked, the dialog closes without saving the selected flight package layout.

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Refreshing the Package Name List

Click the Refresh button to refresh the Package Name list.

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