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ALC Approach Minima

Note: The following descriptions represent the typical access and privileges afforded to users designated as Dispatch Managers/Supervisors. Users with dispatcher privileges will have limited access to a subset of the screens presented.

The minimum allowable ceiling and visibility can be added for each approach. For each runway/approach/suffix/transition ID combination, the user can also specify certain Aircraft Characteristics that must be met to allow the minima line to be usable by an aircraft, including Aircraft Approach Category, Minima Type, RNP Value, and MAP Gradient. This allows the N-FP system to know whether or not an approach can be used with the current weather conditions at the airport. The MTTA attempts to avoid the approach if the minima are not met. If an approach is specified and it does not meet the minima, a warning is generated.


Screen is the default view when you first enter a WebFOMS screen. When Screen is selected you can view all records that exist in the system. Select the arrow in the first field of the WebFOMS screen to access the dropdown menu to view the list of available records. Only items that exist in the database are shown in the dropdown list. Typing letters in the Airport field will filter the dropdown list for airports starting with the same letters.

Refer to the Approach and Minima article for further information.


Edit Mode allows you to make modifications to existing ALC Minima records. Select an Airport from the dropdown menu then click the Edit button. Clicking the Save button to finish the editing of a record, whereas the Cancel button abandons the changes (after confirming the cancellation). When a record is saved, the date and user initials will also be saved against the record.


Click the New button to add a new ALC minima record to the database. Select an airport from the dropdown list and a runway, and the required fields, such as Approach, Categories, Ceiling, and Visibility, will be highlighted in red. Click the Save button to finish adding a new minima record. Clicking the Cancel button will abandon the new data. In a multi-ALC environment, the ALC can also be specified if there are going to be different minima settings between the different ALCs.


Select an airport from the dropdown and click the Delete button to remove an existing ALC Minima record from the database. You will be prompted to confirm the Delete before it is finalized.

Explanation of Columns

The table below describes the action available to take for each column on the ALC Approach Minima screen.




Select an available runway from the dropdown (list pulled from FOMS 107).


Select an available Approach type from the dropdown (list pulled from FOMS 326).


Select (or leave blank) the applicable approach suffix from the dropdown (list pulled from FOMS 326).

Transition ID 

Select (or leave blank)  the applicable Transition ID from the dropdown (list pulled from FOMS 326).


Specify the aircraft approach category to which this minima line will be applied. The Category (A-E) can be entered alone or grouped together with multiple categories (eg. ABC).

Minima Type

Select from the available minima types in the dropdown.

RNP Value

Enter the RNP value that the aircraft capability will have to meet to be authorized to use this minima line.


Enter the minimum cloud ceiling as FL (hundreds of feet).


Enter the minimum visibility in meters.

MAP Gradient

Enter the minimum approach gradient. This value must be lower or equal than the Max Climb Gradient of the Aircraft in Aircraft Characteristics/FOMS 220 for this minima line to be selected for use.

Note: The N-FP system always looks for valid METARs first and if none are available for the destination (based on ETA), it looks at the TAF to determine whether the approach meets the approach minima.

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