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FOMS Menu 430 (Flight Analysis Request program)

Note: The following descriptions represent the typical access and privileges afforded to users designated as Dispatch Managers/Supervisors. Users with dispatcher privileges will have limited access to a subset of the screens presented.


This program allows you to manually initiate a route analysis for any flight. Although the system will automatically generate an analysis for all flights within the next 18 hours following the receipt of new high level winds, as well as immediately following the addition to Flight Status of a flight whose EDT is within 18 hours of the current time, there may be times when it is necessary to obtain a new analysis immediately.

Add Mode

Enter the Flight Number, Flight Day and ICAO or IATA code for the origin airport. Provided that the flight has been entered in the Flight Status, the Estimated Time of Departure in day, date and hour format will be displayed as confirmation, Enter <Y> and an analysis will be run provided that the ETD is within the next 18 hours.

Quit Mode

This mode allows you to exit this program and go directly to another program, or to return to the last menu.


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