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Airport WebFOMS Screens

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1       Introduction 

Airport WebFOMS Screens 

This topic is an overview of the Airport WebFOMS screens.   

We estimate that this will take 5 minutes to complete.

2       Detailed Explanation 

Airport WebFOMS Screens

This topic provides you with an overview of the webFOMS screens that are in the Airport group on the NFP database tab on the Maintenance screen.

Before you begin this topic you should familiarize yourself with webFOMS functionality.

Airport Suitability 

This program stores the default and per-aircraft suitabilities for a given ICAO. The file is keyed on the four-letter ICAO identification code.


Airport Approach Minima

The minimum allowable ceiling and visibility can be added for each approach.  This allows the NFP system to know whether or not an approach can be used with the current weather conditions at the airport. The MTTA attempts to try to avoid the approach if the minima are not met.  If an approach is specified and it does not meet the minima, a warning is generated.


Fuel Costs

Use this program to maintain a data file of fuel costs for all airports that you operate in. The program allows for six levels of price as a function of volume purchased, and it also accommodates the difference between domestic and bonded fuel prices. You can also store additional information on supplier. handling agent, etc. The date that each station’s fuel price record was created or updated is automatically recorded. 

Taxi / Circuit Times

Use this program to manage taxi and circuit times for a particular airport with a greater level of detail than is currently available via the airport database program. The system uses the information from these databases to determine the proper amount of taxi time or circuit time to use when an airport is loaded. If the flight plan being computed does not find information related to the airports of operation for that flight in these databases then it uses the default times found in the airport database. You can define circuit and taxi times for specific times of day and further tailor the use of these times to a specific airline code or aircraft type.

Curfew Times

Use this program to store curfew times for an airport, and optionally for specific aircraft types.

Airport Configuration

Use this program to store the airport RNP AR levels and curfew buffer times for an airport.

Enroute Stations

Use this program to control the data file that contains the list of enroute stations keyed to any city-pair. The enroute weather is displayed for that station in the flight package.


This data file holds records of information used in the Alternate segment of the Flight Plan program. Files are keyed by the ICAO code for the destination airport, and each can hold up to 30 alternate airports that may be stored in the order of company preference or priority.

Raw Weather

Use this program to look at individual TAF/METAR for a location.

You cannot modify a TAF or a METAR.

City-Pair Enroute Area

Use this program to control the data file that contains the list of enroute areas keyed to any city-pair. The enroute weather that area displayed in the Pilot Weather Brief program.

Preferred Runways 

Use this program to to set a preferred runway for an airport, ALC or for a specific aircraft using equipment and series. You can set the preferred runway for a specific time.  This can apply to Arrivals, Departures or Both.

to set a preferred runway for an airport, ALC or for a specific aircraft using equipment and series.


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