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Flight Progress Functions

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1       Introduction 

Flight Progress Functions 

This simulation will provide a step-by-step tutorial of the Progress Functions, along with the available Integrations 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

2       Detailed Explanation 

N-Flight Planning Progress Functions

This module reviews the Progress functions available in N-Flight Planning.


The Progress functions allow a user to track the flight, monitor flight time, fuel, flight level, and winds.  These values can be manipulated manually, based on position reports, or automatically via integration.

Let's begin with a flight that has already been computed and filed.

Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the Progress menu item.

Enter your text here 

Interaction 1

The system will automatically shade waypoints expected prior to the current time.

To access the manual update function, click on the desired waypoint in the list.

Interaction 1 Click the VXV+K7+V list item.

Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the Time overhead input field.

The pop-up will allow manual entry of Time, Fuel, Flight Level, and Wind Component for the selected waypoint.

Interaction 1 Enter 011530 into the Time overhead field.

Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the OK button.

Interaction 1

By adding a 10 minute delay to the actual time for waypoint VXV, the system has also added an expected 10 minute delay to the "Actual" times for the subsequent waypoints.

To accommodate off-route position reports, users can enter ad hoc waypoints via the "Add" button.

Interaction 1 Click the Add button.

Interaction 1

With the off-route pop-up, you can enter any waypoint within the system database, and then a Time, Fuel , Flight Level, and Wind Component for that waypoint.

Interaction 1 Click the Cancel button.


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