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Airbus TechRequest migrated

NAVBLUE Support Portal has replaced TechRequest “Software & Services” (for Flight Operations products only). 

Starting in May 2019, this migration has been competed in October 2019.

This article provides:

  • the Video recorded during the first presentation to customers in May 2019
  • the slides used during the Presentation (attached below) updated in October to show the completion of the migration
  • the Questions and Answers below and also attached as a PDF.

Video of the Presentation

Questions & Answers

<Q> Are all web browsers compliant with this new portal?

<A> Yes. Although, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox.


<Q> Will the presentation be available after the session?

<A> It is available in section “Using this portal” of all product portal page.


<Q> Will software updates be provided via the NAVBLUE support portal going forward?

<A> No. It will remain on Airbus/Word FTS+ for Airbus legacy products until further notice. In the future, NAVBLUE will open a platform for delivery and file exchange. All NAVBLUE Customers will be informed then.


<Q> From when can this new portal be used?

<A> Now.


<Q> How long will the TechRequest tool be available and for what type of question?

<A> TechRequest should remain available for NAVBLUE products until at least the end of the year for the “software and services” type of question.

If you have questions regarding the Flight Operations or other Airbus matters (How to customize performance, information on the Airbus Manuals content, question regarding the APD- Aircraft Performance Data …), you can still use TechRequest and the relevant domain Flight Operations or Documentation content etc.

If you have a doubt and don’t use the right tool, your question will be shared between Airbus/ NAVBLUE without being lost.


<Q> When products switch over from tech request to NAVBLUE support portal, will any currently open requests be migrated as well?

<A> The existing Dossiers will remain and be handled until closure in TechRequest. Only new support request will be answered in the NAVBLUE support portal.


<Q> What happen with the current Airbus/World Account? Will they migrate to this new platform or we need to create a new account in NAVBLUE as well as we did on Airbus World?

<A> You still need the Airbus/World account for any information, services and exchanges with our Airbus colleagues as usual. NAVBLUE support portal only covers the NAVBLUE products:  Refer NAVBLUE support home page for the complete list.


<Q> Will Airbus / world administrator will be assigned a NAVBLUE admin account?

<A> As there are very few specificities to the user profile on the NAVBLUE support portal and users have access to every information, there is no need for the UEA to have an administrator role on our portal at the moment.


<Q> How do we upload files bigger than 20MB (On the ticket)?

<A> We will use FTS+ as usual until the NAVBLUE delivery / exchange platform is available. All NAVBLUE Customers will be informed then.


<Q> Could I see tickets from other employees of my company?

<A> Yes. You just need to give us the names of the person who needs to have access to all tickets in your company. Once informed, we will grant them “super user” privilege.


<Q> Does the "superuser" account imply that I could grant access to another person to just view my tickets or would they also be able to post tickets? How many accounts can be created? 

<A> Any person with a NAVBLUE support portal account can raise ticket. The “super user” privilege can not grant access but only view all tickets in the company. We can create as many accounts as you need for your company. Each account needs to be linked to a person and not a generic email.


<Q> When a request is submitted, will we be given an expected response time? (e.g. 10 hours, 1-2 days, etc.)­ What is the SLA for urgent requests?

<A> No field is dedicated to this but if the answer is not provided right away, it is part of the best practices to inform when we plan on giving the answer or at least an update.

In order to obtain the information regarding your SLA please refer to the contract you have signed with Airbus/NAVBLUE for the given product.


<Q> Can we configure Single Sign On for Authentication?­

<A> No, it is not possible. On your first visit on each product portal, you will need to sign in once with the same account credential. However, if you tick “Remember me”, you will not have to log in again the next time you visit this product portal.


<Q> ­Do you have APIs for user provisioning?­

<A> No, we don’t.


<Q> Does your password expire after a certain length of time?

<A> Not for now. But, in the near future, we will start implementing rules to check the validity of our contacts for each company on a regular basis.

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